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2011-12-26 20:09:00

1 hour, 53 minutes

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Episode: 12.26.11: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses solutions to world hunger; alternatives to U.S. capitalism; the military's hearing for U.S. Army PFC Bradley Manning charged with leaking documents to WikiLeaks & Growing Social Unrest in China

Counterpoint, hosted by Scott Harris heard every Monday on WPKN 89.5 FM, Bridgeport, CT between 8:00-10:00pm ET, Webstreaming and audio archive at http://wpkn.org

Danielle Nierenberg, senior researcher and Nourishing the Planet Project director with World Watch Institute, talks about her group's work in addressing world hunger and illiteracy, with a focus on sustainable solutions that work.

Historian, political economist, activist and author, Gar Alperovitz, currently the Lionel R. Bauman Professor of Political Economy at the University of Maryland talks about his book, "America Beyond Capitalism: Reclaiming Our Wealth, Our Liberty, and Our Democracy."

Rainey Reitman, a member of the Bradley Manning Support Network steering committee, discusses her group's work in assisting Bradley Manning as he moved through the Article 32 hearing at Fort Meade to determine if he'll face a court martial for the charge of leaking thousands of secret U.S. government documents to WikiLeaks.

Robert Weil, author of the book, "Red Cat, White Cat: China and the Contradictions of "Market Socialism," assesses the recent 10-day standoff between villagers and Chinese officials in Wukan Village in Guangong Province, in the context of growing unrest across China that he's been researching and writing about for many years.

Some segments of Counterpoint are edited for re-broadcast on the syndicated Between The Lines radio newsmagazine. Visit their web site athttp://www.btlonline.org for free subscriptions to mp3 - podcast audio files, program summaries and interview transcripts. An archive of Counterpoint programs are accessible for free at http://www.wpkn.org

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