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2012-04-16 20:09:00

1 hour, 53 minutes

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Episode: 04.16.12: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses drug company lobbying to reduce FDA testing & regulations on approving new drugs; national tax fairness debate; Summit of the Americas; Occupy Wall Street's planned May Day General Strike

Counterpoint, hosted by Scott Harris, is heard every Monday night on WPKN 89.5 FM, Bridgeport, CT between 8:00 - 10:00 pm ET. Webstreaming and audio archive at http://wpkn.org

Celia Wexler, a former award-winning journalist, who now serves as Washington Representative with the Union of Concerned Scientists' Scientific Integrity Program. She explains what's at stake with several proposals pending before Congress that would give drug and medical device companies more control over how their products are evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration - and make scientists at the FDA more vulnerable to special-interest pressures.

Lee Farris, Senior Organizer on Estate and Federal Tax Policy with the group United for a Fair Economy, discusses the Congressional debate on the issues of tax fairness - including the Buffet Rule -- and an assessment of proposed budgets, including the GOP's Ryan plan and the Progressive Caucus' "Budget For All."

Alex Main, Senior Associate for International Policy at the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, DC., talks about issues raised at the Summit of the Americas meeting with heads of state from throughout the Western Hemisphere -- and the People's Summit in Cartagena, Colombia this past weekend.

Jeremy Brecher, a labor historian and author of the new book, " Save the Humans? Common Preservation in Action," discusses the Occupy Wall Street movement's goal of organizing a national "General Strike," this May 1st, and the history of the U.S. labor movement and general strikes over the past 60 years.

Some segments featured on Counterpoint are edited for re-broadcast on the syndicated Between The Lines radio newsmagazine. Visit their web site athttp://www.btlonline.org for free subscriptions to mp3 - podcast audio files, program summaries and interview transcripts. An archive of Counterpoint programs are accessible for free at http://www.wpkn.org

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