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2012-12-17 09:10:00

2 hours, 47 minutes

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Episode: Connections: Dylan Beatles in Mono Part 7 plus Felix Cavaliere Interview and more...

Dec 17, 2012 episode of Connections on WPKN with Eric Cocks. Includes new and vintage music, along with Part 7 of an exploration of Bob Dylan and The Beatles in mono (and why that matters). Also a special section on The Rascals, who just played live for the first time in over 40 years, plus highlights from an in depth interview and conversation with Felix Cavaliere of The Rascals.


Up until the late 1960's, mono was the main focus of musicians, engineers and producers. Stereo was an afterthought, often mixed weeks later. In the cd and mp3 eras, many of us were used to hearing only the stereo mixes. Yet mono has an additional presence and warmth. An intimacy, as if you're right there in the studio. Every effort was made to balance and equalize the bass, drums, guitars, vocals and effects so the songs would sound great... and reflect what the artists intended. Sometimes there are additional parts in mono, or simply more clarity to those parts.

The first half hour of this show explores these wonderful mono mixes and great songwriting from Bob Dylan and The Beatles.

Later, music from Warren Zanes, Wayne Cochran, Nick Lowe, Sam Phillips, Lisa Germano, Ray Charles, Earl-Jean, Jon Brion, The Shangri-Las, Wendy James, Tom Tom Club, John Cale, Lord Huron, Suzanne Ciani, John Lennon, Stella Soule, new music from Elliott Randall (opening the show) and more...

Also, several tunes from The Rascals, along with wonderful insights, humor and observations from Felix Cavaliere.


For more info and occasional videos, feel free to check the FaceBook page: Connections on WPKN.

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Chris Frantz Interview with Eric Cocks:
(includes music from Tom Tom Club, Talking Heads and more)


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