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2013-01-11 13:02:00

2 hours, 58 minutes

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Episode: 'PURE" w/howard thompson "Thanks, Albert..."


Albert Hofmann 1/11/13 - 4/29/08

1. PURE theme – (Danny Gatton: Funky Mama)
2. Scanner: Red Bruise
3. Traffic: No Face, No Name, No Number
4. Happy Mondays: Loose Fix (Perfecto 12" Mix)
5. The Rolling Stones: 2000 Light Years Fom Home
6. Procol Harum: Shine On Brightly
7. Björk: All Is Full Of Love
8. Fleetwood Mac: Albatross
9. The Who: I Can See For Miles
10. Pink Floyd: Astronomy Domine
11. The Orange Bicycle: Trip On An Orange Bicycle
12. David Bowie: After All
13. Cream: Dance The Night Away
14. Celia Green: In The Extreme
15. Spiritualized: Broken Heart
16. The Idle Race: Skeleton And The Roundabout
17. Oasis: Falling Down (A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Mix) Pts 3, 4 & 5
18. Bentley Rhythm Ace: This Is Carbootechnoodiscotechnobooto
19. Hawkwind: Silver Machine
20. The Move: Blackberry Way
21. Harvey Bainbridge: The Voyage - In The Wake Of Passing Clouds (excerpt)
      (with Deborah Evans-Stickland)
22. The Deviants: Deviation Street (excerpt)
23. The Bonzo Dog Band: I'm The Urban Spaceman
24. Audience: I Had A Dream
25. Alabama 3: Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness (radio edit)
26. Genesis: The Musical Box
27. Egg: They Laughed When I Sat Down At The Piano...
28. Van Der Graaf Generator: Darkness (11-11)
29. The Beatles: Savoy Truffle
30. The Pretty Things: Grass
31. Nick Lowe: Love So Fine
32. Dion: King Of The New York Streets
33. Rockpile: Play That Fast Thing (One More Time)
34. The Motors: Love And Loneliness (excerpt)

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