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2013-11-04 12:13:00

13 minutes

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Episode: WPKN's Nov '13 GM Report to the Listeners: CreateHereNow

WPKN 89.5-FM, Bridgeport CT

Host: Steve di Costanzo, GM.  Monthly "Report to the Listeners"  11/4/13 featuring:

Margaret Bodell, CVO of CreateHereNow and Rod Frantz, director of CreateHereNow.

CreateHereNowCT (CHN) is a pilot program of the State of Connecticut DECD/COA. CreateHereNow is developing replicable creative placemaking strategies in over twenty communities around the State. This coming Thursday they will be showcasing their latest project: Bridgeport's McLevy Hall Re-Activation as part of the Bridgeport Art Trail.

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