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2010-03-12 14:01:00

1 hour, 10 minutes

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Episode: Paul Krassner Interview with Eric Cocks

In depth interview of writer, comedian and investigative satirist Paul Krassner on Connections on WPKN with Eric Cocks. Stand up comedian, founder of The Realist Magazine and co-founder of The Yippies, Paul gives an inside view on everything from the early days of the counter-culture to current writings and observations of these strange, rapidly changing times. From playing the violin at Carnegie Hall at age 6 to using music as inspiration for writing with a rock and roll renegade attitude.

A noted author of many books, Paul has also written for everything from Mad Magazine and High Times to Rolling Stone, National Lampoon and The Huffington Post. Includes insights on friends Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Abbie Hoffmann and Groucho Marx to Chris Rock, Harry Shearer and Eddie Izzard. From inside observations of creating media images in the 60's (and how that was distorted at the 1968 Chicago Convention) to a look at how that applies to current day headlines. Many spontaneous moments and great laughs in this enjoyable March 12, 2010 conversation.

As Paul says at one point, "What could be more absurd than reality?"

Thanks to Paul for his intelligence, humor and generosity of spirit. Please go to his website at http://www.paulkrassner.com for books, artwork and further information.

The rest of today's episode of Connections is available in it's entirety at http://archives.wpkn.org/bookmarks/listen/6352 exploring a wide range of eclectic music.

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