WPKN Archives: Kryssi Battalene (Fill-in for Terry Hopper's The Quest)

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Original Aired:
Tuesday, October 24th, 2017
4:00PM to 6:55PM

2 hours, 55 minutes

Tuesday, October 24th, 2017 4:01PM

psychedelic party fun


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Episode: Kryssi Battalene (Fill-in for Terry Hopper's The Quest)

Hothead - Jammed Together

Hothead - I Don't Wanna (Danny Whitten cover)

Karen Dalton - Reason to Believe (Tim Hardin cover)

Magic Hour - America (Traffic Sound cover)

Jun Kuriyama - House of the Rising Sun (Animals cover)

Marble Sheep - Space ~ Earth Calling (Live 10/21/87)

~~~****~~~****~~~mic break~~~****~~~****~~~

Overhang Party - Facing the Night

Fukuoka Rinji + Urabe Masayoshi - A Gust of Wind

Steve Gunn + John Truscinski - Gunter

~~~****~~~****~~~mic break~~~****~~~****~~~

Christine 23 Onna - New Dawn in Mexico II

Atsushi Tsuyama - Confession of the Sun

Temple of Bon Matin - Cabin in the Sky

Onna - Mune O Tsutsunde

Shizuka - Lessen the Loneliness

~~~****~~~****~~~mic break~~~****~~~****~~~

Garbage and the Flowers - Love Comes Slowly Now

Mikami Kan - ???????????????????

Kengo Iuchi - ????

The Shadow Ring - Apricot Rat

~~~****~~~****~~~mic break~~~****~~~****~~~

Bardo Pond - Amen 29:15

David Kenneth Nance - Amethyst

Crystalized Movements - Here Comes the Train Part II

~~~****~~~****~~~mic break~~~****~~~****~~~

Kousokuya - Untitled (First Live 1979, 10/14/79)

Kousokuya - Akatsuki no Owari

Heathen Shame - Untitled (cut-off)


<3 T h a n k s 4 tuning in <3 <3 :-)

<3 Kryssi B 


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