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The A-List

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Monday, July 13th, 2020
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Monday, July 13th, 2020 2:04AM

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Episode: The A List with Sam Hopkins

 suffering and smiling- fela kuti (music is the weapon of the future)  

lockdown- anderson .paak (lockdown single)  

the ballot or the bullet- malcolm x april 12th 1964 (excerpt) 

the revolution will not be televised- gil scott heron (the revolution will not be televised)  

fight the power- public enemy (fear of a black planet)  

shadows of tomorrow- madvillian ft lord quas (madvilliany)

tomorrow never knows- quasimoto (the further adventures of lord quas) 

war of armageddon- funkadelic (maggot brain) 

power to love- jimi hendrix (band of gyspys) 

black satin- miles davis (on the corner) 

the three evils of society- martin luther king jr. may 10th 1967 (excerpt) 

my queen is harriet tubman- sons of kemet (your queen is a reptile) 

gang control- leftover crack (fuck world trade) 

corona- the minute men (double nickles on the dime) 

working men are pissed- the minute men (the politics of time) 

maggies farm- bob dylan (hard rain)

the times they are a-changin'- bob dylan (the times they are a-changin') \

freedom- richie havens (paris live 1969) 

i can't breathe- h.e.r. (i can't breathe) 

this is america- childish gambino (this is america) 

liberation ft eryka badu and cee-lo- outkast (aquemini) 

eulogy for meager evers- t.r.m. howard (excerpt)

proletariat revolution- fred hampton

free- goodie mob (soul food) 

beginnings (first minute of a new day)- gil scott heron (from south africa to south carolina) 

que sera sera- sly and the family stone (fresh) 

everything must change- nina simone (baltimore)

an artist's duty- nina simone (interview excerpt) 

strange fruit- nina simone (pastel blues) 

mississippi goddam- nina simone (nina simone in concert) 

watermelon man- taggy matcher

baltimore- nina simone (baltimore) 

downpressor man- peter tosh (equal rights) 

lively dub- the wailers 

the shitstem- peter tosh 

equal rights- peter tosh (equal rights) 

armagideon (version)- willie williams 

no ganster- shabaka hutchings (no ganster) 

blood of the past ft. kate tempest- the comet is coming (trust in the lifeforce of the deep mystery) 

excerpts from various speeches- fred hampton 

malcolm's theme- kamasi washington (the epic) 

if i ruled the world (imagine that)- nas (it was written) 

otherside of america- meek mill (otherside of america) 

nina- rapsody (eve) 

save the children- dirty dozen brass band (what's going on) 

what's going on- donny hathaway (live) 

power to the people- curtis mayfield (sweet exorcist) 

all power to the people- joe savage and the soul people 

this land is your land- woody guthrie 

moorish nights- sun ra (the space age is here to stay) 

misrepresented people- stevie wonder (bamboozled soundtrack) 

this land is your land- sharon jones and the dap kings (naturally) 

people don't get what they deserve- sharon jones and the dap kings (give the people what they want) 

it's my life i'm fighting for- leon thomas (full cirlce) 

young gifted and black- aretha franklin (young gifted and black) 

a change is gonna come- sam cooke (a change is gonna come) 





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