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Tag: 06.19.23: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the GOP's Latest Proposal to Cut Social Security & Medicare; Bernie Sanders on "The State of Working Class America;" BRICS Nations Displace G7 Now in Economic Decline; How to Keep Juneteenth Radical
Tag: 01.16.23: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses GOP Extremists Burning Down the House; Lula Shows US how to Deal with a Violent Coup; GOP Votes to Repeal Funding for IRS Enabling Rich Tax Cheats; Martin Luther King's Radical Social Justice Legacy
Tag: 09.06.21: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the Supreme Court's action on Texas abortion law; The cost of U.S. militarism since 9-11; New documentary film, "The Big Scary 'S' Word; The state of the US Labor movement 2021
Tag: 12-16-19: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses nationwide pro-impeachment protests; Conservative defeat of the Labor Party in the UK election; Trump's executive order on antiSemitism a threat to free speech; 'What's Wrong with the Republicans?'
Tag: Counterpoint host Scott Harris presents an excerpt of Timothy Snyder talk on tyranny; & discusses the ascent of the Democratic Socialists of America; Connecticut primary election results and President Trump's now cancelled military parade
Tag: 06.25.18: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses immigration crisis on U.S. Mexico border; What's next for the Poor People's Campaign; SCOTUS punts on gerrymandering cases & Progressive candidate AMLO set to win Mexican presidential election