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Connecticut Rocks! on WPKN
with Bob D'Aprile
November 2009 - November 2014
(weekly, overnights, fill-ins)
August 2016 - December 2017
(fill in slots)
In addition, Connecticut Rocks!
can be heard on demand
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2009 -2014
I hosted two shows (375 total shows)

(alternating Thursdays 4pm to 6:50pm )
most Saturdays 2am to 6am [late night Friday])

and FREE FORM FRENZY! (111 shows)
(an odd Saturday 2am to 6am [late night Friday]

ALSO, an odd fill-in here and there ... anytime!

On Connecticut Rocks! you can hear music from Connecticut indie original bands of the past, present and future ... If you are in a band or were in a band in the past, please contact me on how you can get your music played on Connecticut Rocks!

To contact me, please send an email to:
[email protected]


keep on rockin'! 

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In-studio / on-air guests on CT ROCKS!

many of these shows (the first 100) are available via archive.org:

  • #55: 
    - Greg Buzi, solo / band leader Quicksand Collective
  • #56:
    Chris Frantz, from Tom Tom Club
    - Christine Ohlman ::: The Beehive Queen
  • #57: 
  • #58: Dave Schneider from The Zambonis
  • #59:
    - James Mauri and Ryan Zigmont
    Ron Sutfin + Kerry Miller
  • #60:
    Shawn Taylor singer / songwriter performs LIVE in-studio
    - Bobby Crash and Pete Barerra from Burnouts In Outer Space
  • #61:
    - Eric Donnelly + Tim Warren from The Alternate Routes
    - Michael Arafeh, Show #01, Songs From The Coffeehouse
  • #62:
    Rick Reyes from Cosmic Jibaros / Pasofino Club
    Adam Lippman from Automatic Children
  • #63:
    - Rob Carlson
    from Rob Carlson and Benefit Street, formerly in Modern Man, and oh so many other projects.
    - Angel Telesco and Renard Boissiere from Black Rock Rocks Mardi Gras Weekend
  • #64:
    - Sam Perduta
    singer/songwriter from the band, Elison Jackson
  • #65: no guests, just music.
  • #66: Bill Shaka from Shaka and the SoulShakers
  • #67:
    - Michael Arafeh, Show #02, Songs From The Coffeehouse
    Jennifer Hill from Jen Hill & Co. and SWAN Day CT (SWAN = Support Women Artists Now)
  • #68:
    - Melissa Mulligan performs LIVE in-studio
    - Three members of Whiskey For Breakfast
    Patrick Hearty from The Mighty Ploughboys
    Jay Cusano and Julie Hymans from C.A.N. (Collective Artists Network)
  • #69: Matt Vitti from the band, Mother Brother
  • #70: no guests, just music
  • #71:
    - John Wilkins, discussing an upcoming Bik Ride + Art Show
    Duece Bug, Maria Manes of Mindz-I Entertainment, Kenny Cash
    Bert Genovese from Bobbie Peru
    The band: Captain Ismael and the Sound Avengers
  • #72:
    - Tom Hearn and Legs McNeil
    - Christian Marrone + Matt Perry (Tricksleeves)
    - Matt Galvin + Paul D'addario (Farmertan)
  • #73: Joe Nolan (Kimono Draggin')
  • #74:
    LIVE in-studio guest: James Mauri :: NEST Arts Fest music :: Daffordiil Fest bands :: LIVE phone-in: Robbie DeRosa
  • #75: no guests, just music.
  • #76:
    QueenStryche, Skater Tot and Revengela from CT Roller Girls ::: Steve Zimmerman and Tommy Blardo from Enemy Remains ::: Al Pist and Mike Farrelly (CT Punk Rock)
  • #76a: 
    fundraising special : Bobby Pickett from The Fret Notz, Bill Sciacca from Shaka and the SoulShakers, and Marco Frucht in-studio / Eileen Walsh from 305K Gallery phone-in.
  • #77:
    - Michael Arafeh, Show #04, Songs From The Coffeehouse
    - + a short FREE FORM FRENZY / SwampShaka's Carnival of Soul : Louisiana Funk Fest Part 2
  • #78: no guests, just music.
  • #79:
    in-studio guests : Dave Hogan / Thomas Perez / on the phone : Mike Lawson of Local Band Review ::[fill-in for Kevin Gallagher]
  • #80:
    The Stepkids
    (Tim Walsh + Jeff Gitelman) discussing their recent West Coast Tour, upcoming Midwest Tour + Keith Rodgerson : Park City Noise 7 [fill-in Pete Stewart]
  • #81:
    members of the funk-soul band, SOLISTIC / Sue Menhart phone-in / and Nancy and Bill from IDEAT VILLAGE
  • #82:
    Michael Arafeh, Show #05, Songs From The Coffeehouse : focus on Michael Cleary Band
  • #83: 
    In-studio guests, Megan Keith and David Keith / Mission 0 ::: and lots of CT indie originals!
  • #84 7/4/2011: 
    in-studio guests : Lou Lorenzo from FAREWOOD + David Keith from .DBK.
  • #85:
    - Artie Tobia and Stu Stahr of Artie Tobia Band
    - Julia Bess from The Bridgeport Arts Fest, Brian Kelly from Talking To Walls, and Tim Walsh from The Stepkids
  • #86: no guests, just music.
  • #87:
    - Michael Arafeh, Show #06, Songs From The Coffeehouse
    - Scott Amenta, chats about the Rock Ur Ink Off Festival
  • #88
    - Seth Tiven
    from Dumptruck
  • #89
    - The Colt Six

    - I Anbassa
    - Steven Deal (via phone)
  • #90
    - Michael Arafeh
    , Show #07, Songs From The Coffeehouse
  • #91
    AM edition (6am to 9am) no guests, just music
  • #92
    - Bill J Ready and Matt Thomas from Fuzzy Rainbow Productions
  • #93
    - Dixie Normous
  • #94: no guests, just music.
  • #95
    - Kink Ador
    (from Nashville TN)
    - Phil Nichols
    and Eliot Lewis
    - Forrest Harlow
    (via phone)
  • #96
    - Michael Arafeh, Show #08, Songs From The Coffeehouse
  • #97 no guests, just music.
  • #98 no guests, just music
  • #99 no guests, just music
  • Dave Schneider from The Zambonis
  • Jennifer Hill from the band Jennifer Hill and Co.
  • Aaron Garavoy from the North Shore Troubadours
  • Veronica Vixen of Frisky à Go Go
  • Grant Squires, singer-songwriter
  • Dave Hogan from the bands Greylight Campfire, The Rafter Bats
  • Ben Henson, City Planner for City of Bridgeport / Downtown Thursdays
  • Revengela of the Connecticut Roller Girls
  • Meredith DiMenna from the band Saint Bernadette
  • Peter Katis and Tarquin Katis from Tarquin Studios, and the bands The Philistines Jr., The Happiest Guys In The World
  • Mike Milazzo, singer-songwriter
  • Fernando Pinto, the man behind Tune Inn, The Nightshift, and Elevator Music Records
  • Jared McGovern of Soul Reapin' 3, Amy Rose and her Troublemakers, and The Long Goodbyes
  • Solistic, members of the Milford-based funk/blues band
  • Pablo X of Skratch Happy, a band from New Haven
  • Brian Lanese of Permanent Ability
  • Pat Lattin of the Pat Lattin Band
  • Brian Kelly and Nat Webb of the band Talking To Walls
  • Conversations on The 2010 Bridgeport Art Trail with
    Suzanne Kachmar - City Lights Gallery,
    Eileen Walsh - Gallery at Black Rock,
    JodiAnn Strmiska - Ground Floor Gallery at Read's Artspace
    Janine Brown - American Fabrics Arts Building,
    Dylan Cotton - The Cotton Press,
    L.A. MacLean - Jazzworks
  • Eliot Lewis, who plays with Hall & Oates, chats about his new solo CD, 6 and One
  • The Skanktones
  • Christian Marrone
  • three members of Remember September (Chris Schod, Jay Schod, Mary Albano) talk about Holiday Concert for The Troops
  • Meredith DiMenna from Saint Bernadette on an upcoming Sunday Mass at Acoustic Cafe
  • Tom Smith of The Bandidos, The Hickups, Gone Native and other bands chats about AlexFest, a benefit event for Alex DeFelice
  • Steven Deal from Bleached Black, Chopper, Absolute Zeros, Love and Hymen and his recent solo album.
  • On the phone, Malcolm Tent from Bunnybrains and the store, Trash American Style
  • Call-in on Free Form Frenzy, Kenn Rowell from The Bagdaddios