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 On " Shake Some Action with Kevin Brewer " we play rock ' n roll , pop , r + b , psychedelia , surf , folk-rock , and blues , from the late 50's to the 90's , primarily  , though we insist that , in theory at least , you might hear us playing any type music from any era.  Some of our shows are done in tribute to vintage radio formats , such as AM Top-40 and the early days of FM ' progressive rock " , complete with the occasional  jingle , commercial ,  or concert spot from the era.  Various anniversaries from the music world , world events , the time of year ,  holidays  and the mood of the day are some of the elements we consider in preparing our broadcasts .


" Oldies radio " with a hip twist is an apt description of what we do.  When we play music from major artists , we often feature their less familiar material---say , the " live b-side  that was only released on a Norwegian single " ---instead of their more commonly heard recordings.  And " one-hit wonders " get their due , also .  Putting a smile on someone's face as they think " oh ! I like this song---I haven't heard this in FOREVER " is our goal !