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Wednesday, July 15th, 2015
8:00PM to 11:00PM

3 hours

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015 8:00PM

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Episode: Shaki Presents on WPKN Wednesday July 15, 2015 (8pm-11pm)

Shaki Presents on WPKN Wednesday July 15, 2015 (8pm-11pm)

*Fractal - Ilumíname
*Meridian Brothers - La Gitana Me Ha Dejado
*unidentified song on a Sono Cairo compilation
*Arthur Russell - Calling Out Of Context
>>>mic break<<<
*Nozinga - Wo Va Jaha
*Alceu Valença - Cabelos Longos
*Ethel Smith - Lemon Merengue
*El Cieguito De Nagua - Que Linda Mama
*Luis Kalaff - Los Bodegueros
>>>mic break<<<
*The Speakers - No Como Antes
*Domingo Cura - excerpt from Percussion
*El-g - Grand Huit
*Socrates Drank The Conium - Death Is Gonna Die
*Mdou Moctar - Tada Dounia
>>>station identification<<<
*Karen Dalton - Travelin' Shoes
>>>mic break<<<
*Landing - Body Diffuser
*Adam Malec - 1999 forgotten song
*Ndalani 77 Brothers - Nzaumi
>>>mic break<<<
*Los Wembler's De Iquitos - La Amaneza Verde
*Los Mirlos - Eres Mentirosa
*Nicolas Y Su Conjunto - Borrachito Bailarin
*El Super Grupo de Lener Munoz R. - El Cartero
*Los Mangos De Jauja - Vamos A Mi Tierra
*Palo Santo - La China Chola
>>>mic break<<<
*Nilo Y Su Grupo Los Cristales - Amor Perdido
*Los Destellos - Mala, Mala
*Los Titanes - Frescura
*Los Solteritos - Cumbia En La Selva
*Los Pakines - Shaka Shaka
*Los Comandos Huancayo - Charapita Religiosa
>>>mic break<<<
*Alex Mendoza Y Su - !Cumbealo!
>>>station identification<<<
*Don Ray - Body And Soul
*Speed, Glue, & Shinki - Stoned Out Of My Mind
*Craig Leon - Region Of Fleeing Civilians
>>>mic break<<<
*Cedric Myton & Congos - Sweetest Name
*Stanislas Tohon - O Kou
*Oscar Young Band - Sun Tee Ching Guh
*Lucila Campos - Samba Malato
*Graem Miller/Steve Shil - Moomin's Theme
>>>mic break<<<
*Sidney Miller - Sombrasilieros
*The Inturns - Consider Yourself

! Fractal's recording was made in 1998 (not 1993, as incorrectly stated). Composed of Wilder Gonzales Agreda and Wilmer Ruiz Perea, the band existed during a wave of experimentation in Lima's underground scene during the 90s. The (now) classic compilation of forward thinking artists called Crisálida Sónica featured Fractal, as well as many other important figures of the Lima scene. There is much to discover in the Crisálida Sónica scene...
!! ALL VINYL PLAYLIST with the following exceptions: Fractal's Ilumíname and Landing's Body Diffuser (sorry, those tracks are not available in the vinyl format).

Thanks, as always, to WPKN... i am very grateful for the on-air opportunity.

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