WPKN Archives: Shaki Presents on WPKN Wednesday November 18, 2015 (8pm-11pm)

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Wednesday, November 18th, 2015
8:00PM to 11:00PM

3 hours

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015 8:01PM

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Episode: Shaki Presents on WPKN Wednesday November 18, 2015 (8pm-11pm)

 Shaki Presents on WPKN Wednesday November 18, 2015 (8pm-11pm)

*Alias La Gringa - La Vaca
*Tica - Pájaros De Hiel Con Un Cielo Adentro
*Morbo - A Quien Le Echamos La Culpa
>>>mic break<<<
*Transparente - A Toda Velocidad
*Los Galax - El Indio
*Los Quantos - El Inca Macoñero
*La Kuyanita - La Kuyanita
>>>mic break<<<
*Victor Corpus y Los Ases De Ocro - Cielo Cielo
*Los Chipis - Ladron De Amor
*Desarme -?Porque?
*Enrique Lynch y su Conjunto - Safari Salvaje
>>>mic break<<<
*Traffic Sound - Chicama Way
*Los Saicos - El Mercenario
*Circuit Rider - Just For Today
*Èlg - Féérie Bis
>>>mic break<<<
*Forever Pavot - Christophe Colomb
>>>station identification<<<
*Desperate Bicycles - The Medium Is Tedium
*Homosexuals - You're Not Moving The Way You're Supposed To
*Homosexuals - Pretzel
*Danny & The Dressmakers - Don't Make Another Bass Guitar Mr. Rickenbacker
>>>mic break<<<
*Collective Horizontal - Beach Coma
*Reptile Ranch - Saying Goodbye
*Beyond The Implode - This Atmosphere
>>>mic break<<<
*Good Missionaries - Deranged In Hastings
*The Door And The Window - He Feels Like A Doris
*L.Voag - Beauty Spreads
>>>mic break<<<
*Sir Alick And The Phraser - In Search Of The Perfect Baby
*Scrotum Poles - Night Train
*Fatal Microbes - Violence Grows
>>>mic break<<<
*The 012 - Fish From Tahiti
*The Work - I Hate America
*Desperate Bicycles - Holidays
>>>mic break<<<
*Kaleidoscope - I'm Crazy
*Tony Von - N'Hoca
*Mike Rep - Donovan's Brain, Pt. 1
*Bunny Brains - On The Floor Again
>>>mic break<<<
*Selda - Yaz Gazeteci Yaz
*Sun City Girls - Tarmac 23
*Alastair Galbraith - Fall
*Alastair Galbraith - As In A Blender
>>>mic break<<<
*Basement 5 - Riot
*Beybonlar - Nenni
*Crystalized Movements - It's All Gone Black
*Shoes This High - The Nose One
*Omar Souleyman - Atabat
*Jim Shepard - Voices Of Men

! Apologies to Tranparente, as the CD would not play properly. As a point of interest, only the CDs gave me a hard time, the vinyl played perfectly. Digi VS Analog... analog wins.
!! Apologies to Shep Heads... no one wants to cut off a Jim Shepard song, but sometimes you gotta play the underwriting. Don't worry, we'll hear more Shep in the future...

!!! A HUGE thanks to Stefan Christensen for joining the show and keeping it very interesting.

Thanks, as always, to WPKN... i am very grateful for the on-air opportunity.


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