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Original Aired:
Wednesday, October 19th, 2016
8:00PM to 11:00PM

3 hours

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016 8:00PM

rick shaki omonte


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Episode: Shaki Presents on WPKN October 20, 8pm-11pm

Shaki Presents on WPKN October 20, 8pm-11pm

*Cheb Zergui - Ana Dellali
*Bitori - Bitori Nha Bibinha
*RD Burnman - The Burning Train
*L'Orchestre Kanaga De Mopti - Sare Mabo
>>>mic break<<<
*Dimentia 13 - We Are
*Kesarbai Kerkar - Malkauns: Main San Meet
*Green Mansions - Untitled
*Helen - Dying All The Time
*Orchestre Super Borgou De Parkou - Wegne´Nda M´Banda
*Stefan Christensen - Home
*Arthur Russell - Keeping Up
*Lasso - Donso Ngoni
*Bunalim - Kinali Gelin
>>>station identification<<<
*Eleanoora Rosenholm - Tai-Panin Paholainen
*Der Plan - Rot-Grün-Tot
*Jimmie Rodgers - Desert Blues
*3AM - Joy
*Mumtaz Ali Khan - Bhawaiya
*POV - Oum
*Mol Kamach - Adios Maman Cherir
>>>mic break<<<

*Los Doroncos - Sunshine Girl
>>>mic break<<<
*Wings Of Africa - Dark Sunrise
*Body/Head - Last Mistress
*Barrio Lindo - Indio
>>>mic break<<<
*Yanga - El Lobo
*Money Chicha - Chicha Negra
>>>mic break<<<
*Micheal Yonkers - Tripping Through The Rose Gardens
*CHILL - Take It From The Blind Side
*Orkes Melayo Bulan Purnama - Malam Joget
>>>mic break<<<
*Keith Hudson - I'm No Fool
*Amos & Crew - Rex Humbard World Out-Reach Ministry
*Rajesh Roshan/Lata Mangeshkar - Pal Bhar Men Yeh Kya Hogaya
*Orchestre Rail-Band De Bamako - Sunjata
*Jung Nam Hee - Chungehungmore (Utmori)
*Spectrum - Take Your Time

! ALL VINYL set, with the exception of Spectrum's Take Your Time, which was taken from the Highs, Lows And Heavenly Blows compact disc.
!! Thanks for WPKN for the support.
!!! Thanks to you, the listener, for your support.
!!!! Shaki Presents can be heard regularly on WPKN, every 3rd and 5th Wednesday of the month, 8-11pm.
!!!!! Upcoming Shaki Presents DJ events
       *Friday Oct 21 at Songbyrd in Washington, DC
       *Tuesday November 1st, at WPKN 4-7pm Guitar God/desses special
              w/ special guest Kryssi Battalene
       *Wednesday Nov 16th at Firehouse 12 in New Haven, CT 6-9pm
       *Wednesday Nov 23rd at 89.5fm WPKN 8-11pm
       *Wednesday Nov 30th at 89.5fm WPKN 8-11pm
              w/ special guest Justin JMS Jamz Shay

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