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Wednesday, October 18th, 2017
8:00PM to 11:00PM

3 hours

Wednesday, October 18th, 2017 8:01PM

rick shaki omonte pedro acosta


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Episode: Shaki Presents on WPKN Wednesday October 18, 2017

Shaki Presents on WPKN Wednesday October 18, 2017

*Group Doueh - Ishadlak Ya Khey
*Combo Chimbita - Dame Tu Mano
*Ihsan Al Munzer - Jamileh
*Shintaro Sakamoto - Like An Animal
*Bandolero - I Want To Get There
>>>mic break<<<
*******Guida - Get It Over
*******Iron Cross - Little Bit O' Soul
*******Jimmy Jukebox - Motorboat
*******Crunch - Let's Do It Again
*******Slade - Give Us A Goal
>>>mic break<<<
*Alpay - Yekte
*Aritomo -
*Abdou El Omari - Fatine
*This Heat - 24 Track Loop
*Loop - Pulse
>>>station identification<<<
*******Iron Virgin - Rebels Rule
*******Stanley Frank - Sc'ool Days
*******Hello - Another School Day
*******Streak -Bang Bang Bullet
*******Angel - Good Time Fanny
>>>mic break<<<
*The Hallucinations - The Anguish Of Youth
*Haza. Hur - Nazlim
*Sun City Girls - Esoterica Of Abyssinia
>>>mic break<<<
*Headroom - Flowers Of Light
*Phew - New World
*Crystalized Movements - What Answer?
>>>mic break<<<
*******Mud - Dynamite
*******Hot Rod - Love Is Alright (Hey!)
*******Muff - Sexy Sexy Lady
*******Ricky WIlder - I Wanna Go To A Disco
*******Cozy Powell - Na Na Na
>>>station identification<<<
*Los Jalogüines - Trik-O-Tri
*Spectrum - Feels Like I'm Slipping Away
*Djeuh Djoah & Lieutenant Nicholson - T'es Qui?
*Meridian Brothers - Como Estoy En Las Setentas
>>>mic break<<<
*******Tartan Horde - Bay City Rollers We Love You
*******Shambles - Hello Baby
*******Chicory - Son Of My Father
*******FBI - The Boogaloo Boo Boo
*******Simon Turner - Baby (I Gotta Go)
>>>mic break<<<
*Los Camaroes - Resurrection Los
*Nelson Y Sus Estrellas - Londres

!ALL VINYL, with the exception of Nelson Y Sus Estrellas Londres (CD).
!! Thanks to WPKN.
!!! Thanks to YOU, the listener.
!!!! NEXT episode of Shaki Presents on WPKN is 8-11pm Wednesday November 15 ...Please tune in.
!!!!! EXTRA SPECIAL THANK YOU to Pedro "Bayamon City Roller" Acosta (his selections are marked in this playlist with "*******")

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