WPKN Archives: Del 'in Transition' : the 'Whitty' Play

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Original Aired:
Friday, January 18th, 2019
6:59AM to 8:56AM

1 hour, 57 minutes

Sunday, January 20th, 2019 12:14PM



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Episode: Del 'in Transition' : the 'Whitty' Play

 Pulling out the Smart, Lyrical, and Often overlooked geniuses in the Rock and Blues world. Nothing beats a good turn of phrase. Raising money this fine day w/ Annette Sz, and David Hogan. I think we did something in the $200 range give or take. fresh off the Mick Ronson movie the night before, spurs the energy on for us today.

Playlist : the Stones-Citadel, Smithereens-Blues before and After (11), FZ- Don't eat the Yellow Snow, Nanook Rubs it (Apostrophe), Elvis Costello-Spooky Girlfriend (When we were Cruel), FZ - King Kong (the Mothers), the Who-Boris the Spider, Neil Young-My New Robot (Peace Trail), Tom Waits-Murder in the Red Barn(Bone Machine), Chuck Prophet-You Did (Age of Miracles, Paul Simon-Pigs, Sheep & WOlves (In the Blue Light, Patti Smith - Are you Experienced? (12),  Ray Charles/Jimmy Lewis-If it wasn't for Bad Luck(genius of Soul), Stones-Connections (Between the Buttons), Morrissey - The More you Ignore Me.....(Vauxhall and I prod by Steve Lillywhite), Tina Turner singing Better get to Steppin' (Pompeii Records Best of), Lou Reed-Dirty Blvd(New York), Bowie - Starman.

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