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What's Your Point?

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Sunday, May 10th, 2020
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Sunday, May 10th, 2020 9:04AM



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Episode: What's Your Point?: Garnett Ankle

 These last five months have been very trying and unprecedented in the lives of many in Connecticut and indeed the entire world. The world has witnessed and is watching the many lives continued to be lost due to the dangerous silent monster called COVID-19. These untimely deaths may be having a great negative impact on those left to mourn the lost of their loved ones, and also those strickened with the diseasee. The advent of COVID-19 may also, be negatively impacting the mental health of many other people in our society. Those who have lost their jobs, and those working to care for patients afflicked with the disease are only some of the many people who are adversely affected by this deadly disease. Your mental health plays an important role during these times.

Today on the show, host Garnett Ankle, speaks with Pat Rehmer, Senior Vice President and President of Behavioral Health Network at Hartford Health Care. Today's topic is: The Impact Of COVID-19 Pandemic On The Mental Healh Of The Connecticut People. This is a very important conversation you should listen to assist with the care of yourself, your friends, and family. Your mental health is very critical to you.

Show: What's Your Point?

 In a democracy, all citizens must have a right to their views. They must be encouraged to air them. On What's Your Point? anyone is free to call in and voice their opinon on the issues of the day. A democracy is as strong as the freedom its citizens have to their right to speak. 

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