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Tag: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses Trump's authoritarian blueprint Project 2025; SCOTUS scandals and corruption demand reform; Israel's new air war in West Bank kills rising number of Palestinian children; SCOTUS strikes down ban on 'bump stocks'
Tag: 08.21.23: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses campaign to exclude Trump from 2024 ballot; Georgia RICO indictment Tells the story of election subversion; Code Pink responds to NY Times McCarthyite hit piece; House GOP's "ACE" voter suppression bill
Tag: 06.26.23: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses One Year After Roe v. Wade Overturned; US & Iran Talk to Ease Tensions; Without Accountability Trump Contagion Continues to Infect the Nation; Billionaire Paul Singer's Lavish Gifts to Justice Alito
Tag: 05.08.23: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the deepening SCOTUS ethics scandals; Why Republicans are weakening child labor laws; MoveOn targets Fox News advertisers; Rightwing Billionaires finance 2024 third party presidential bid
Tag: 04-24-23 Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses Dominion Fox Lawsuit Settlement Won't Protect Democracy; SCOTUS Justice Thomas gathering ethics scandal; Report reveals Israel colluded w 16' Trump campaign; PFAS chemicals found in CT water systems
Tag: 12.07.20: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the ongoing threat of Trump-GOP authoritarianism; Reforms needed to respond to Trump corruption; Media democracy agenda for the Biden administration; Our Revolution working to push Biden left
Tag: 11.30.20: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses Trump lawbreaking and lies; President-elect Biden's Cabinet choices; Climate issues and Biden's campaign pledges; The assassination of Iran's top nuclear scientist and its consequences
Tag: 01.07.19: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses Trump's border wall & govt. shutdown; House Dems' new H.R.1 voting rights/ethics bill; Net Neutrality update & Bernie Sanders' delegates network reactivated
Tag: 05.01.17: Counterpoint host Scott Harris assesses Trump's "tax reform" proposal; Trump abets corporate takeover of federal govt apparatus; Women peacemakers call for talks w North Korea; Action Together CT mobilizes opposition to Trump agenda
Tag: 01.23-17: Counterpoint host Scott Harris features speeches & interviews from historic protests against Trump inauguration; Pres. Trump's financial conflicts of interest and violation of ethics & Campaign to end prison solitary confinement