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eclectic - hip-hop, rock, folk, punk, pop, and more

(thus far) all-time favorite artists:

Sinead O'Connor, Robyn, EMA, Johnny Cash, Dungen, Annie Lennox (Eurythmics), PJ Harvey, Idles, Unknown Immortal Orchestra, Lil B, Dusty Springfield, The Savages, Springsteen, Nick Cave, Kate Bush, black midi

fave songs:

Eurythmics - "You Have Placed a Chill on My Heart"

Johnny Cash  - too many

Dungen - Du Ar För Fin För Mig

Savages - "Evil"

Robyn - "Because it's in the Music" 

Sinead O'Connor - "Just Like You Said it Would Be" / "Troy"

Springsteen - "My Hometown" 

EMA -  "California" / "Aryan Nation"

Kate Bush - "Running up that Hill" /  "Sat in Your Lap"


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