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 In the early 2000’s I began doing my radio program, which I call Organic Radio. The name holds a dual meaning for me… I view WPKN to be a living organism and not a formulaic or algorithm-driven venture, like commercial radio or paid streaming services. It’s a collective tapestry woven together by the many programmers who cultivate the musical fibers into something artistic and imbued with meaning and a greater significance – so Organic as in living matter. And also Organic, like the practice of farming without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial means. We are small, not factory scale, and like the soil, we aim to enrich the listener to yield a better experience that is in harmony with the planet.

After moving to The Netherlands in 2009, I have been on hiatus, and though I’ve been back for nearly 10 years as a volunteer I only recently returned to the airwaves as a fill-in host. Looking forward to hanging with you in our community garden soon!

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