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This show is based on the practical application of the science of emotional intelligence. Chuck is on the air on the 1st, 2nd and 4th Wednesday from 12 Noon to 1 PM. He wants you to call in with your questions about work related or personal situations where you are feeling challenged and uncertain about what to do. Often when smart people are stuck, strong emotions are in play. He wants to help you and others learn how to use the Emotion Roadmap to become more intelligent about how you handle your own emotions, the emotions of others, and your emotional relationships. 

The Emotion Roadmap talk show will feature updates about the field of emotional intelligence, occasional guest speakers, and lots of suggestions for how to “Take the Wheel and Control How You Feel!”

· Listen to Chuck talk about managing emotions and emotional relationships.

· Call with your questions to see how the Emotion Roadmap can transport you from how you don’t want to feel to how you do want to feel.

· Don’t feel like calling? Send Chuck an email at cjwolfe@cjwolfe.com.

While Chuck has a strong experience base and excellent education he is very approachable and sincerely welcomes all callers and does his best to be helpful.

When strong emotions are causing people to delay action and decision making Chuck can help by introducing listeners to his Emotion Roadmap. His Emotion Roadmap was conceived as a result of a strategic alliance with the pioneers of emotional intelligence, Drs. Peter Salovey, President of Yale, Jack Mayer, psychologist at the University of New Hampshire, and David Caruso, also affiliated with Yale. This group of pioneering psychologists sought Chuck's assistance in 1999 when they asked him to develop ways to make their scientific discovery useful to people at work. Along the way Chuck found that the tools he developed were just as helpful to people at home. On the show you will learn how to apply the Emotion Roadmap to work and to home.

When one listener calls and gets some professional guidance about how to improve a situation, a relationship, or increase their ability to manage their own emotions, it is Chuck's hope that everybody listening is also learning. Chuck's style is not as confrontational as Dr. Laura, and he is not as funny as Frazier, but he is very genuine, concerned about others, and based on previous callers experience with Chuck, he is very helpful! Here is a comment from Chuck: "I enjoy making a meaningful positive difference in people's lives. When a caller calls in to speak to me, and in a few minutes I can help that caller move from feelings such as confusion, anxious, hopeless or insecure to feelings like clear, secure, hopeful and confident I personally feel joyful and excited for the person. At times applying the Emotion Roadmap seems to make magic happen. People who have been stuck for a very long time, feel in a few short minutes, much more confident and hopeful about how to handle a very challenging situation. It is not always perfect, but each phone caller offers every listener a chance to learn how to apply the Emotion Roadmap to their own lives. I am very thankful that WPKN has provided me this opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others."

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