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'PURE' w/howard thompson

Original Aired:
Friday, October 6th, 2017
1:01PM to 4:00PM

2 hours, 59 minutes

Friday, October 6th, 2017 1:01PM



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Episode: 'PURE' w/howard thompson: "New Releases/Reissues"

1. Nick Lowe & His Cowboy Outfit: Awesome
2. 62 Miles From Space: Time Shifts
3. Nona Hendryx & Gary Lucas: I'm Glad
4. Lee Ann Womack: All The Trouble
5. Jivin' Gene: Go On, Go On
6. Leon Russell: Hummingbird
7. Gwyneth Glyn: Cwlwm
8. Julee Cruise: The World Spins
9. Marnie: Bloom
10. Björk: The Gate
11. Peter Janson: Cinema Paradiso
12. Lia Pamina: Cards On The Table
13. Steve Young: Seven Bridges Road
14. Unnveig Aas: June (Nothing I Can Do)
15. Lou Reed & Victoria Williams: Sweet Jane (live)
16. Victoria Williams: Over The Rainbow
17. Mary Battiata & Little Pink: Drive That Fas
18. Gene Casey: How Do I Know (You're Not Lyin' to me Now)
19. The Hempolics: Boss Clock Me Style
20. The Hempolics: Me Love To Sing
21. The Techniques: Queen Majesty
22. Modern Studies: Curlew
23. Lila Downs: Urge
24. Leroy Broussard: Lemonade Song
25. Lost Bayou Ramblers: Sabine Turnaround
26. Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams: Turn Around
27. The Dream Syndicate: Like Mary
28. Hamell On Trial: Whores (live)
29. Texas Guitar Slim (Johnny Winter): Crazie Babie
30. JD McPherson: Crying's Just a Thing You Do
31. Nineteen Thirteen: Hot Garbage
32. Flamin' Groovies: She Loves Me
33. Gun Outfit: Strange Insistence
34. Bob Seger: Busload Of Faith
35. The McKinleys: Sweet and Tender Romance
36. The Red Propellers: Sandi Says
37. The She Trinity: He Fought the Law
38. The Prissteens: Christmas is a Time For Giving
39. The Flashcubes: Forever
40. Eno: On Some Faraway Beach (faded early)

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Show: 'PURE' w/howard thompson

'PURE' is mauve and crispy, yet somehow still maintains a 4.8 average

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