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'PURE' w/howard thompson

Original Aired:
Friday, March 2nd, 2018
12:59PM to 4:15PM

3 hours, 16 minutes

Friday, March 2nd, 2018 1:00PM



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Episode: 'PURE' w/howard thompson

WPKN – 3/2/18 PURE w/howard thompson

1. Laurie Anderson & Kronos Quartet: Old Motors and Helicopters
2. Laurie Anderson: In Our Sleep (feat. Lou Reed): In Our Sleep
3. Lou Reed: I Remember You
4. The Velvet Underground: Run Run Run
5. Alex McMurray: Gluestick Situation
6. Nolatet: Black Sheep
7. Amy Rigby: 20 Questions
8. Amy Rigby: Dancing With Joey Ramone
9. Ronnie Spector: All I Want (feat. Keith Richards)
10. Amy Rigby: Slow Burner
11. Amy Rigby: Back from Amarillo
12. Amy Rigby: Leslie
13. Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby: Genovese Bag
14. Wreckless Eric: Joe Meek
15. Wreckless Eric: Take The Cash (K.A.S.H.)
16. Wreckless Eric: Crying, Waiting, Hoping
17. The Prissteens: (I'd Go The) Whole Wide World
18. Wreckless Eric: The Two Of Us
19. Wreckless Eric: Wow & Flutter
20. Wreckless Eric: Gateway To Europe
21. The Hempolics: High & Gritty
22. The Hempolics: Armed & Dangerous
23. Christine Ohlman & Rebel Montez: The Grown Up Thing (live)
24. Paul Thorn: Love Train
25. Gene Casey & the Lone Sharks: It's A Free Country
26. The Allergies: Entitled To That
27. Jimi Hendrix: Lover Man
28. Janelle Monáe: Make Me Feel
29. The Red Propellers: atrocities on demand
30. The Red Propellers: pink knives sharpened
31. Bilk: Give Up
32. L7: I Came Back To Bitch
33. Professor and the Madman: Faces
34. Imperial State Electric: This Is Rock ‘n Roll
35. Go-Kart Mozart: Big Ship
36. Albert Hammond Jr: Far Away Truths
37. Flowered Up: Weekender
38. Happy Mondays: Judge Fudge
39. Angel Corpus Christi: Been There, Done That (Angel's sugar mix)
40. Lou Reed: Tell It To Your Heart
41. The Mammals: Make It True
42. The Weather Station: Thirty

Show: 'PURE' w/howard thompson

'PURE' is mauve and crispy, yet somehow still maintains a 4.8 average

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