WPKN Archives: Dave Hogan Radio (fill-in for Rich Kaminsky -- Off-Beat!) 11/17/18

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Original Aired:
Saturday, November 17th, 2018
2:00AM to 6:00AM

4 hours

Saturday, November 17th, 2018 2:01AM

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Episode: Dave Hogan Radio (fill-in for Rich Kaminsky -- Off-Beat!) 11/17/18

1.Dolly - The Blacks 2.Fast And True - Anders Parker 3.Public Animal #9 - Alice Cooper 4.Black Country Rock - David Bowie 5.Angel From The Coast - Thin Lizzy 6.The Wild,The Willing And The Innocent - UFO 7.Bar Room Crystal Ball - Hot Tuna 8.Ice Age - Dr. John 9.All Tore Down - Johnny Winter 10.The Great Deceiver - King Crimson 11.The Confessor - Joe Walsh 12.Thunderbuck Ram - Mott The Hoople 13.Used To Be - Rory Gallagher 14.Let's Get It Up 15.Evil Walks - AC/DC 16.Sick As A Dog - Aerosmith 17.Cast The First Stone - Angel 18.Sometimes Salvation - Black Crowes 19.Lord Of This World - Black Sabbath 20.Mailman - Soundgarden 21.Rapid Fire - Judas Priest 22.State Of Love And Trust - Pearl Jam 23.I've Got To Be Free - Scorpions 24.Pushin' Forward Back - Temple Of The Dog 25.Bomber - Motorhead 26.Before The Kiss(A Redcap) - Blue Oyster Cult 27.No One Came - Deep Purple 28.Head In The Game - The Zambonis 29.A Long Road To Be Free - American Elm 30.SHe Don't Care About Time 31.The Day Walk(Never Before) 32.The World Turns All Around Her 33.I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better 34.Here Without You - The Byrds 35.Occasional Playboy - Richard Keith 36.Yemaya - Lys Guillorn 37.Kitchen - The Sawtelles 38.Float Up - Ex Governors 39.Begins Where It Ends - No Line North 40.Have Love Will Travel - The Sonics 41.Steve McQueen - Drive By Truckers 42.See No Evil - Television 43.Left Of The Dial - The Replacements 44.One Less Step - The Fleshtones 45.This Ain't No Picnic - Minutemen 46.Two Tub Man - The Dictators 47.Sonic Reducer - Dead Boys 48.Search And Destroy - The Stooges 49.I Wanna Destroy You - Uncle Tupelo 50.EMI - Sex Pistols 51.Hot Burrito #2 52.Indianapolis - Bottle Rockets 53.Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind - Lovin' Spoonful 54.Ain't No Use - Moby Grape 55.That's Not The Issue - Wilco 56.New Speedway Boogie 57.Easy Wind 58.Casey Jones - Grateful Dead

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