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'PURE' w/howard thompson

Original Aired:
Friday, December 21st, 2018
1:01PM to 4:09PM

3 hours, 8 minutes

Friday, December 21st, 2018 1:01PM



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Episode: PURE w/howard thompson: "The Last Word"

1. unknown carny: Alligator Skin Girl
2. Ken Nordine: Roger
3. Dave Rubin & The Emblems: Walkin' Bass
4. Paige Davis: New Yorkers (Edward Field)
5. Vincent Quatroche: Dreaming In Paintings
6. Celia Green: In The Extreme
7. Soundwalk Collective & Jesse Paris Smith w/ Patti Smith: Evening Of Light
8. Gertrude Stein: If I Told Him
9. Stanton Moore: Southern Nights (feat. Nicholas Payton & Wendell Pierce)
10. Roman Tsivkin & the BoxSets: Tsivkin reads page 3, line 1 through line 14 of Henry Volkhonsky’s Russian “transcription” of Finnegan’s Wake)
11. John Cooper Clarke: Valley Of The Lost Women
12. The Streets: All Got Our Runnins
13. Gillian McCain: With Eight Essential Vitamins
14. MX-80 Sound: Facts Facts
15. Matt Wilson: We Must Be Polite (read by Jon Scofield)
16. Angel Corpus Christi: Sadder
17. Hamell on Trial: Meet the Parents
18. Lou Reed: Christmas Message
19. Lou Reed w/Amanda Plummer: Annabel Lee/Lenore
20. Iggy Pop: A Machine For Loving
21. David Greenberger, Keith Spring And Dinty Child: My Hope
22. Ric Ocasek: Attempted Suicide
23. Deborah Evans-Stickland: (And) Then He Kissed Me
24. A Thousand Tiny Fingers: Geniuses
25. Illusion Fields: Of Saints and Streetpunx
26. Christophe Mueller, Hans-Joachim Roedelius: Ich Du Wir (Wandel)
27. Eric Sykes & Hattie Jacques: I Love Paris
28. Michael Bentine: Football Results
29. The Liverpool Scene: The Entry Of Christ Into Liverpool
30. Martin Rev: Black
31. Kate Tempest: Bubble Muzzle
32. Marc Bolan: Marc Bolan Xmas message
33. Dave Rubin & The Emblems: Anonymity
34. Tongue Fu: Coffee (feat Jonny Fluffypunk)
35. Tony Adamo: Sonic Henderson
36. Scanner: Red Bruise
37. Roy Harper: Hole In The Sky
38. The Red Propellers: Denying the Interim
39. Alan Vega: Johnny Cash ID
40. Alan Vega: Vision
41. The Allergies: Steal the Show (feat. Andy Cooper)
42. LittleSparta w/SallyTimms & MartinBillheimer: 142.30-143.02
43. Gil Scott-Heron: On Coming from a Broken Home
44. Malibu Ken: Acid King
45. Bill Hicks: Drugs Have Done Good Things
46. Bill Hicks: I Love My Job
47. Vincent Quatroche: His MTV Lover
48. John Cooper Clarke: Nothing
49. John Cooper Clarke: I Don’t Want To Be Nice
50. John Waters: Playlist


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