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Seeking Wellness

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Saturday, June 22nd, 2019
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Saturday, June 22nd, 2019 9:03AM

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Episode: Seeking Wellness: Our Bodies Explained with Jennifer C. Pierre, ND, MPH

Father’s Day Special – Men’s Health

In comparison to women, men are less likely to seek out preventative care. As a result, they usually only consult a physician when something is wrong. In honor of Father’s Day, Dr. J takes a look at some of the most common health issues that bring male patients into the office.

Topics include: “The Annual Visit” – how to make your annual visit truly preventative – learn what tests your doctor should be running and the importance of getting yearly bloodwork. Next, we dive deep into the alphabet soup of men’s health – PSA, BPH, DRE and ED. The discussion continues with testicular/prostate health, self-exams, prostate cancer, andropause, and finally we illuminate the causes of male pattern baldness.

Podcast available at soundcloud.com/wpkn895/seeking-wellness-june-22-2019

Show: Seeking Wellness

Seeking Wellness is a talk radio show featuring various health topics.  We discuss natural therapeutics that can be used to treat health conditions often contrasting with the conventional treatments.  The resulting approach is mostly integrative in nature while clarifying some misconceptions about naturopathic medicine and alternative healing.

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