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JMS Jams

Original Aired:
Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021
8:00PM to 11:00PM

3 hours

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021 8:07PM

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Episode: JMS Jams with Justin Shay

Low Noon - (Out There) breaks the blank day
Sachi Kobayashi - Experience Zen
Marv - Tokyo TX
Celer - Melancholy Movement
Merrin Karras - Life on Small Planets
Lori Scacco - Other Flowers
Ecovillage - Dreams ft. Loris S Sarid
Paperbark - Light Burning
Suryummy - Heart Fountains
Steve Hiett - By The Pool
Timothy William Hellem - The Vision
William Penn - Reflections In A Pastel Vase
Kevin McCormick & David Horridge - Glass Dreams
Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Old (New) Melody (Ana Roxanne Remix)
Alice Damon - Treetop Winds
Arian Shafiee - California Pastorale (ft. claire rousay)
Oneohtrix Point Never & Elizabeth Fraser -Tales From the Trash Stratum
Anna Wall - Dream Theory
Apart - Green Fog
Rhucle - B4. ??
JMS - Dreamscape Dubs (excerpt)/Romanze Loops (excerpt) 
Hariprasad Chaurasia/Sabir Khan - Rag Kaunsi Kanhra (excerpt)
David Parsons - Earth Mother
Constance Demby - Mother of the World/Celestial Communion
Malaysian Pale - Memories of You
Emerald Web - Highway
big thnx to anyone who tuned in! - justin

Show: JMS Jams

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