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JMS Jams

Original Aired:
Wednesday, December 28th, 2022
8:30PM to 11:30PM

3 hours

Wednesday, December 28th, 2022 8:38PM

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Episode: JMS Jams with Justin Shay

 Andrew Tuttle Correlation
Seawind of Battery Above the Waves
T. R. Jordan Time Decay
Sofie Birch/Antonina Nowacka Lilieae
Rosa Beach Mason & Sean Conrad - Wished
Sean Curtis Patrick - Many Miles Away
Pan American - Outskirts, Dreamlit
Inkarose Cloud Waltz
Benoit Pioulard & Jogging House - In my Tree
Scott Campbell Sun Glitter / River Glass
Iceblink - Healer
Dylan Henner - A New Living Being Opens Its Eyes for the First Time
Awakened Souls where thoughts fade
Golden Brown - Bloom and Decay
Golden Feelings Body Betrayal
H. Takahashi - Shallows
Steve Fors - (Good Enough) for Now
Marine Eyes - Chamomile
Aziz & Friends Wave 4
Loscil & Lawrence English - Violet
Steve Roden stars of ice IV
Natalie Beridze Sio
Lamasz - Coloration
zakè Remembrance (anthéne Remix)
Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer - Undoing
claire rousay it feels foolish to care

Show: JMS Jams

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