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JMS Jams

Original Aired:
Wednesday, January 25th, 2023
8:30PM to 11:30PM

3 hours

Wednesday, January 25th, 2023 8:36PM

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Episode: JMS Jams with Justin Shay

 11:13 PM

Jogging House Walks
Walks 568672 Records DK2 2022 QZTB62210380


11:10 PM

Chris Abrahams Costume
Follower Room 40 2022 QMDA62207723



Antarctic Wastelands - Solari

11:02 PM

Marine Eyes You'll Grow
You'll Grow Past Inside the Present 2022 QZTB92234860

10:55 PM

Biosphere Cannon Hill
Birmingham Frequencies Headphone 2004 GBMKL0600009

10:47 PM

Higher Intelligence Agency Tortoise
Two A.D. Waveform Records 1995 US4GD0400266

Spacetime Continuum - Transmitter (2022 Remaster)
MLO - Wimborne
MDA Analog - Rainful Memories

10:21 PM

Slowdive J's Heaven
Pygmalion SME - Sony Music UK 2010 Rock GBBQY0400068

10:11 PM

Arovane/Taylor Deupree Etta_Lorn
Skal_Ghost 12k 2022 US23K2200036

Stefan Christensen - Forest Daylight
Bill Nace - The Giant
9:41 PM

Michael Grigoni The Long Sky
The Long Sky Longform Editions 2022 AUPQ00700569

9:34 PM

Viul, Benoît Pioulard Returning Clear Voice
Konec A Strangely Isolated Place 2022 ushm82236935


9:31 PM

Primitive Motion Portrait IV (Second Orbit)
Portrait IV (Second Orbit) A Guide To Saints 2023 QMFME2294009



Hydroplane - The Love You Bring
Purple Decades - Strange Dream
9:10 PM

Duval Timothy Mutate
Mutate Carrying Colour 2022 Jazz UKX9R2200003


9:06 PM

Lamin Fofana The Ocean After Nature
Unsettling Scores Peak Oil 2022 QMDA72204633

Tomoyoshi Date - Tsuchi (33 rpm)

8:47 PM

Strategy Message from Ouroboros
Graffiti in Space Constellation Tatsu 2023 USA2P2256406




8:42 PM

Eyedress/Kevin Shields HOUSE OF CARDS (Kevin Shields Remix)
HOUSE OF CARDS (Kevin Shields Remix) Lex Records 2023 GBMYF2300025





8:40 PM

Stephen Santillan World Is On Its Way
Ceremony Drum DISTROKID - Top Jank 2022 QZNWS2223999




8:35 PM

Neil S. Kvern The Conclusion
The Conclusion MERLIN - Freedom To Spend 2023 QZ3GN2200052


8:33 PM

Rachel Bonch-Bruevich Untitled (DDR 1972)
Time is Away - Ballads A Colourful Storm 2022 DECY52201882


8:30 PM

Ernest Hood Dusk
Back to the Woodlands Freedom To Spend 2022 QZ3GN2200011




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