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When I was 13, a family friend gave me a set of Moroccan bongos and an Olatunji record. Twelve years later I was in West Africa doing an M.A. at the University of Ghana in African music.  When I got back, I started an African drumming ensemble that quickly evolved into an African/Caribbean pop fusion band, Mikata, that had a ten-year run at S.O.B.'s in NY and toured the US, Canada and Japan.
Mikata evolved again and is now a 10-piece Latin Jazz and Salsa band.  My life is divided between directing the band, doing radio at WPKN, teaching music and dance (Swing and Salsa) and teaching and hosting youth radio.programming (see my web site:  www.youthradioct.orgMy radio show, First Tuesday Rainy Day Radio, reflects my taste for Jazz, Latin, African and Caribbean folkloric and pop, R and B and Funk; as well as my obsession with public affairs.



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