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Joseph Celli: My Other Music (MOM)

Original Aired:
Monday, February 27th, 2017
9:00AM to 10:35AM

1 hour, 35 minutes

Monday, February 27th, 2017 9:00AM

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Episode: My Other Music: Joseph Celli

My Other Music (MOM), Joseph Celli, Producer/Host
February 27, 2017, 9am - 12noon

1. Northern Cree: Rocking the Rez
    #1. Toots Skootin’ Boogie, 3:52, Canyon Records

2. John Zorn’s Evocation of the Triumphant Beast, You Tube, 6:25

3. Roomful of Teeth, Quizassa, You Tube, 5:53

4. Jonny Greenwood, She Ben Tzur & the Rajasthan Express performing Kalandar, You Tube, 8:46

5. Kronos Quartet: The Beatitudes, You Tube 5:25

6. Steve Lacy – Number One, You Tube, 9:04

7. Ras Omari Harebin Interview

8. Frederic Rzewski: Attica, You Tube, 6:31

12. Ornette Coleman: Sound Grammer
    #3. Song X, 8:10, Phrase Text, Inc.
Pigeonhole: typically an overly restrictive nitch, to categorize, classify, compartmentalize, characterize, label, brand, tag, designate, grade, codify, sort, rank, or rate.

Since producing & hosting Soundprint: Asia I’ve become pigeonholed as the ‘Asian Guy’ here at WPKN - I like that! But, I also like My Other Music (MOM), a wide-ranging interest in Western classical, R & B, experimental & avant-garde, Cajun, Latin and the whole history of American jazz. YES, the whole history from early 20th century to new explorations in improvisation.

I have a strong belief in the never ending and ambitious pursuit of innovation in improvised music. We tend to have nostalgic and lazy ears that most oftentimes gravitate to the familiar. Who are the new Bird, Coltrane and Miles that brings the ferocious need to explore and expand the vocabulary of ‘jazz’? I hope we discover these new ‘masters’ together and avoid the convenient ‘pigeonhole that so much music is suffocated in.

MOM has a regular slot in the ‘PKN schedule on the 2nd & 4th Monday from 9am - 12 noon and 2nd & 4th Thursdays from 1 - 4pm of each month as well as many fill-in spots.

So, please become a friend on Facebook: Joseph Celli: & we will keep you in the loop about upcoming program or visit us at: www.josephcelli.com


Show: Joseph Celli: My Other Music (MOM)

 Host Joseph Celli presents a program of music from Japan/Okinawa, Korea, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Tibet, Mongolia & elsewhere in Asia. Included with the traditional court, folk & religious music are occasional interviews with Asian musicians, World Premieres, and historical context about the music, musicians & instruments.

Celli said, “Unfortunately, we tend to think of Asia as being homogeneous but it actually has more musical diversity and individuality than most places in the world.” Programs range from the overtone singing of Tuva to the ecstatic Gamelan of Indonesia, and the elegant court music of Korea, Japan & Cambodia. Information about upcoming concerts of Asian music, exhibitions & an occasional undiscovered spicy restaurant are all part of the fun.

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