WPKN Archives: Digging in the Dirt -Monique Bosch and Justin Hawrysh of Wiggle Room Inc.

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Kevin Gallagher

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Monday, March 19th, 2018
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Wednesday, March 21st, 2018 1:38PM

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Episode: Digging in the Dirt -Monique Bosch and Justin Hawrysh of Wiggle Room Inc.

 On this episode of Digging in the Dirt at 5pm on listener supported community radio WPKN.org and 89.5 FM, I have invited on 2 guests who are CT. locals right here in WPKN 's backyard running a cool little business called Wiggle room for their lively hood and trying to make a difference at the same time. Monique Bosch and Justin Hawrysh are the Mother and son team behind Wiggle Room a Vermicomposting company based in Bridgeport, CT. In simpler terms they sell worm castings,worm poop, BLACK GOLD, .

Wiggle Rooms goal is to create and distribute highly nutritious compost, using food scraps sourced from local, organic restaurants. They are focused on creating a safe and 'green' alternative to harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides. They are passionate about giving back by donating Their products to local community farms and gardens to help reach the goal of bringing soil back to life. Hope you have a minute to listen on WPKN or check out the DITD podcasts on Soundcloud and ITunes.  You can find them at wiggleroom.org


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