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Monday, April 16th, 2018
4:00PM to 6:55PM

2 hours, 55 minutes

Monday, April 16th, 2018 4:01PM

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Episode: Dave Hogan Radio

1.I Paint A Design - Michael Hurley 2.I'm Only Sleeping - The Beatles 3.Julieanna - Spanic Boys 4.Sea And Sand 5.Love Ain't For Keeping - The Who 6.What Goes On - Velvet Underground 7.Rain In Spain - Sea Level 8.New Ways/Train Train - Jeff Beck Group 9.I Can Play That Rock And Roll - Joe Walsh 10.Man O War - Ian Hunter 11.Hand Of Fate - Rolling Stones 12.Shine - Motorhead 13.Black Country Rock - David Bowie 14.First Date - The Fleshtones 15.Fast And True - Anders Parker 16.Change Your Mind - Frank Critelli 17.Wreck Of My Bed - Grimm Genereation 18.When You Were Mine - Hitch & The Giddyup 19.This Is Where We Are Going - American Elm 20.Tag Sale - Big Fat Combo 21.Last Days Of Rome - Jason P Krug 22.New Tattoo - Lys Guillorn 23.Begins Where It Ends - No Line North 24.Occasional Playboy - Richard Keith 25.6299 - Ex- Governors 26.Seasons - Chris Cornell 27.Outfit - Drive By Truckers 28.I Can't Hold Out - Fleetwood Mac 29.Dead Man's Switch - Rafter Bats 30.Kitchen - The Sawtelles 31.You Just May Be The One - The Monkees 32.Angel From The Coast - Thin Lizzy 33.Pushin' Forward Back - Temple Of The Dog 34.Catching On - Son Volt 35.Walk On Hot Coals - Rory Gallagher 36.Can't You Hear Me Knocking - Rolling Stones 37.Power Play - Zambonis

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