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Monday, January 7th, 2019
7:00AM to 9:00AM

2 hours

Monday, January 7th, 2019 7:00AM

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Episode: One Step Ahead of the Blues with Mark Mushin

One Step Ahead of the Blues (Music) with Mark Mushin 01/07/2019 07:00AM to 09:00AM

07:01AM-07:05AM (4:07) Gaye Adegbalola "Nothing's Changed" from "The Griot" on Hot Toddy Music / VizzTone
07:05AM-07:08AM (3:21) Sugaray Rayford "Angels and Devils" from "Somebody Save Me" on Forty Below
07:08AM-07:12AM (3:56) Mad For Joy "I'm in Love With You" from "Garden of the Muse" (2019)
07:12AM-07:16AM (3:38) Tiny Legs Tim "Elsewhere Bound" from "Elsewhere Bound" on Sing My Title
07:16AM-07:19AM (3:33) Benny Turner & Cash McCall "Got to Find a Way (feat. Carla Davis)" from "Going Back Home" on Nola Blue, Inc.
07:19AM Set break
07:24AM-07:26AM (2:48) Eric Schenkman "I'm Alright" from "Who Shot John?" (2019)
07:26AM-07:32AM (5:10) The Hank Shreve Band "Pain Called Love" from "Trouble" on Boogie Boss Records
07:32AM-07:35AM (3:43) Johnny Rawls "Rock with Me Baby" from "I'm Still Around" on Third Street Cigar Records
07:35AM-07:38AM (2:46) Matt Woods "V8 Ford" from "Tired and Dirty" (2018)
07:38AM-07:40AM (2:23) J.J. Cale "One Step Ahead of the Blues" from "Grasshopper" (1982) on Mercury
07:41AM Set break
07:44AM-07:48AM (4:00) The Trevor B. Power Band "You Ain't Acting Right" from "Everyday Angel" (2019)
07:48AM-07:51AM (3:08) Watermelon Slim "St. Peter's Ledger" from "Church of the Blues" (2019) on NorthernBlues Music
07:52AM-07:55AM (3:53) Rosie Flores "Love Don't Love Nobody" from "Simple Case of the Blues" on The Last Music Company
07:55AM-08:01AM (5:05) Blues Meets Girl "Nightgown" from "Blues Meets Girl" on Bad Inglish Records
08:01AM Set break
08:03AM-08:09AM (5:16) Amanda Fish "Going Down" from "Free" (2018) on VizzTone
08:09AM-08:15AM (6:13) Dexter Allen "Put Your Blues on Me (Live)" from "Live from Ground Zero Blues Club" on BFD (USA)
08:15AM-08:18AM (3:20) Cara Being Blue "Grit" from "Grit" (2019)
08:18AM-08:24AM (6:06) Connor Selby "You Hurt Me" from "Made Up My Mind" on 3Ms Music
08:24AM Set break
08:27AM-08:33AM (5:39) Seth Rosenbloom "Broke And Lonely" from "Keep On Turning" on HOLMZ Music
08:33AM-08:37AM (4:27) Regina Bonelli "The Ladder" from "Love Letter" on True Groove
08:37AM-08:41AM (3:55) John Mayall "What Have I Done Wrong (feat. Joe Bonamassa)" from "Nobody Told Me" on Forty Below
08:41AM-08:45AM (4:21) TOMISLAV GOLUBAN "One Way Ticket" from "Chicago Rambler" on Spona
08:45AM-08:49AM (3:28) Eric Gales "Whatcha Gon' Do" from "The Bookends" on Provogue Records
08:49AM-08:55AM (6:02) Jeremiah Johnson "King & Queen" from "Straitjacket" (2018) on Ruf Records GmbH (Germany)

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