WPKN Archives: Can Your Chicken do the Monkey?

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'PURE' w/howard thompson

Original Aired:
Friday, April 7th, 2017
1:01PM to 4:00PM

2 hours, 59 minutes

Friday, April 7th, 2017 1:00PM



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Episode: Can Your Chicken do the Monkey?

1. The Fame Gang: Turn My Chicken Loose
2. Guy Warren: Monkeys And Butterflies
3. Big River Cree: Chicken Dance
4. Tragic Mulatto: Monkey Boy
5. Adrian Belew: Return of the Chicken
6. Silver Apples: Concerto For Monkey And Oscillator
7. Kate Tempest: Chicken
8. Pauline Oliveros: Monkey
9. Von Südenfed: Chicken Yiamas
10. Monkey: Monkey Bee
11. Alex McMurray: Ninth Ward Chickens
12. Harvey Mandel: Space Monkeys
13. Scott H. Biram: Killed A Chicken Last Night
14. Addie Brik: Monkey Cage
15. Louis Jordan & his Tympany Five: Ain't Nobody Here But us Chickens
16. Tampa Red: She Wants To Sell My Monkey
17. Cab Calloway: A Chicken Ain't Nothin' But a Bird
18. Rufus Thomas: Can Your Monkey Do the Dog
19. Billy Bland: Chicken In the Basket
20. The Big Bopper: Monkey Song (You Made a Monkey out of Me)
21. Charles Sheffield w/Big Sambo: Shoo, Shoo Chicken
22. Houston Boines: Monkey Motion
23. Bill Thomas: Southern Fried Chicken, Pt 1 & 2
24. Andre Williams: The Monkey Speaks His Mind
25. J.C. Davis: Chicken Scratch
26. Gene Burks: Monkey Man
27. Willie Henderson: The Funky Chicken
28. Boozoo Chavis and The Magic Sounds: Who Stole My Monkey?
29. Trace Adkins: Brown Chicken Brown Cow
30. Mo' Mojo: Sell My Monkey
31. The Iguanas: Wedding of Chicken and Snake
32. Toots & The Maytals: Monkey Man (previously unreleased 7” version)
33. The Beautiful South: Never Lost a Chicken to a Fox
34. Jackie Wilson: Twistin' And Shoutin' (Doing The Monkey) (Take 2)
35. The Spark Plugs: Chicken
36. David Allan Coe: One Monkey
37. Donnie Fritts: Memphis Women and Chicken
38. Johnny Paycheck: Don't Monkey With Another Monkey's Monkey
39. A Band of Bees: Chicken Payback
40. Warren Zevon: Porcelain Monkey
41. Little Richard: Chicken Little Baby
42. Pixies: Monkey Gone To Heaven
43. Alaska Thunderfuck: Chicken (feat. Miss Fame)
44. Los Lonely Boys: 16 Monkeys
45. The Mr. Move: Wine & Fried Chicken
46. Tranquility Bass: Mya Yadana (Monkey Forest Medley)
47. Ozark Mountain Daredevil: Chicken Train
48. Mike Phirman: Chicken Monkey Duck
49. The Atmospheres: Fickle Chicken (faded out)


50. Yo La Tengo: Don't Say a Word (Hot Chicken #2)
51. Hasil Adkins: Chicken Flop
52. Fat Daddy Holmes: Chicken Rock

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