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Joseph Celli: My Other Music (MOM)

Original Aired:
Thursday, May 25th, 2017
1:00PM to 2:30PM

1 hour, 30 minutes

Thursday, May 25th, 2017 1:05PM

music new jazz electronic experimental avant garde improv improvisation


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Episode: Joseph Celli -- My Other Music

 My Other Music (MOM), Joseph Celli, Host/Producer
Thursday, May 25, 2017, 1 - 2:30pm

1. Northern Cree: Rockin’ The Rez
   #1. Toots Skootin’ Boggie, 3:52, Canyon Records

2. Roomful of Teeth: Passacaglia, 5:55

3. Cajun Home Music
   #6. La Reel a Fruge, 1:40
   #8. La Valse de Cherokee, 1:06, Smithsonian Folkways Records

4. Shye Ben Tzur & The Rajasthan Express
   Modeh, 5:37,

5. Don Pullen & the African-Brazilian Connection: Ode to Life
   #5. Aseeko! (Get Up & Dance), 11:59, Blue Note Records

6. Sirius Quartet: Colors of the East
   #1. Balkan Dance, 6:35, Naxos Records

7. So Percussion Ensemble
   Needles, 6:00, Cantaloupe Music

8. Oumou Sangare: Moussoulou
   #4. Moussoulou, 5:12, Nonesuch Records

9. Mike Olson: Six Projects
   #4. What They’re Doing, 7:38, Innova Records

10. The Jazz Passenters: Plain Old Joe
   #7. Blues for Ellen, 6:11, Knitting Factory Works

11. Ben Neil & miMi Goese: Cusp, 5:45

12. Sabla tolo IV, Tak Raka Takum: Hossam Ramzy
   #1. Ashan Battootah, 4:01, ARC Music

13. The Shape of Jazz To Come: Ornette Coleman
   #4. Focus on Sanity, 6:50, Atlantic Records

Show: Joseph Celli: My Other Music (MOM)

 Host Joseph Celli presents a program of music from Japan/Okinawa, Korea, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Tibet, Mongolia & elsewhere in Asia. Included with the traditional court, folk & religious music are occasional interviews with Asian musicians, World Premieres, and historical context about the music, musicians & instruments.

Celli said, “Unfortunately, we tend to think of Asia as being homogeneous but it actually has more musical diversity and individuality than most places in the world.” Programs range from the overtone singing of Tuva to the ecstatic Gamelan of Indonesia, and the elegant court music of Korea, Japan & Cambodia. Information about upcoming concerts of Asian music, exhibitions & an occasional undiscovered spicy restaurant are all part of the fun.

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