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'PURE' w/howard thompson

Original Aired:
Friday, June 2nd, 2017
1:01PM to 4:06PM

3 hours, 5 minutes

Friday, June 2nd, 2017 1:00PM



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Episode: 'PURE' - "New Releases"

1. Bérangère Maximin: Wax Melody (excerpt)
2. Alan Vega: Love Cry
3. Martin Rev: My Street
4. Anna Calvi: Ghost Rider (live)
5. Suicide: Rocket USA
6. Kamasi Washington: Truth
7. Beverley: Picking Up The Sunshine
8. Kris Gietkowski: Symphony #2 (Movement 4)
9. My Darling Clementine: Just A Woman
10. Emily Bell: Goddess of Destruction
11. Café Tacvba: 1-2-3
12. Lee "Scratch" Perry: Scientific Dub
13. Collie Buddz: Save Me from the Rain (ft. Kat Dahlia)
14. Hollie Cook: Superstar
15. Richie Stephens: Luv-A-Dub Style (ft. Bounty Killer
16. Trilion: Nah With Me (ft Miss Red)
17. Mississippi Mud Mashers: Moonglow
18. The Cats & The Fiddle: Killin' Jive
19. The Four Plaid Throats: The Message
20. James 'Red' Holloway: A La Carte
21. Don French: Lonely Saturday Night
22. Red Hewitt & The Buccaneers: DJ Blues
23. The Highlights: Ah So!
24. Twisted Pine: Twisted Pine
25. Charlie Parr: Something I Said
26. Charlie Bliss: Glitter
27. Don Bryant: How Do I Get There
28. The Mountain Goats: Rain In Soho
29. Peter Lewis: Just Like Jack
30. Patto: I Need You
31. The Moonlandingz: This Cities Undone
32. Stanton Moore: Night People (ft. Maceo Parker)
33. Kraftwerk: Geiger Counter/Radioactivity (headphone surround 3D mix)
34. LCD Soundsystem: Call the Police
35. La Düsseldorf: Du?sseldorf Part 1
36. Chuck Berry: Dutchman
37. Chuck Berry: Lady B. Goode
38. Hombre Lobo Internacional: Ain't Gonna Be No Good


39. Luna: Chinatown (Salvati mix)

Show: 'PURE' w/howard thompson

'PURE' is mauve and crispy, yet somehow still maintains a 4.8 average

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