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Music My Mother Would Not Like

Original Aired:
Friday, March 8th, 2019
1:00PM to 4:00PM

3 hours

Friday, March 8th, 2019 1:07PM

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Episode: Bruce Swan - Music My Mother Wouldn't Like

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Bruce Swan, Host: “Music My Mother Would Not Like”
2nd, 4th, & 5th Fridays + Fill Ins
Friday, March 08, 2019 Time 1:00 – 4:00 PM ET Archived: http://archives.wpkn.org/bookmarks/listen/255106#

Program Features: Local music scene with John Reid, In-studio with Jim Allyn, Phoner with Jesse Terry, Interview with Gerry McAvoy
Set Lists:
INTRO – The Ventures "Theme from Hawaii 5-0" Walk Don’t Run – The Best of the Ventures
Howdy & Welcome.
Music scene with John Reid, Producing Artistic Director of Fairfield Theatre Company
Eric Lindell | Bayou Country (live) | Masters of the Heart
Richard Shindell | Satellites | Careless
Cris Jacobs | Painted Roads | Painted Roads
Jim Allyn | Priority Gal | Backyards of the Brave
Jim Allyn | Lindytown | Backyards of the Brave
Jim Allyn | Sweet New England Home | Backyards of the Brave
Jesse Terry & Lizanne Knot | Ring of Fire | Sunset Avenue
Jesse Terry & Cary Ann Hearst | Runaway Town | Natural
Jesse Terry | Dangerous Times | Stargazer
The Promise is Hope | Brother | Every Seed Must Die
Dave Gunning | The Loyal Fisherman | Up Against the Sky
Barb Ryman | I am | Breathe
Rory Gallagher | A Million Miles Away | Tattoo
Gerry McAvoy | Track 1 Welcome and Conversation about the Make Up of the Band of Friends | Bruce Swan Productions 2019
Rory Gallagher | Bad Penny | Top Priority
Gerry McAvoy | Track 2 about Riding Shotgun | Bruce Swan Productions 2019
Nine Below Zero | Mama Talk to Your Daughter | On The Road Again
Gerry McAvoy | Track 3 About Starting to play Bass and title of ‘Musician’s Musician | Bruce Swan Productions 2019
Rory Gallagher| Tattoo’d Lady | Tattoo
Gerry McAvoy | Track 4 Discussion about the make up of the show | Bruce Swan Productions 2019
Rory Gallagher | Messin’ With The Kid – Live from Cork | Irish Tour ’74 (Live)
Gerry McAvoy | Track 5 Outtakes and invitation to visit WPKN | Bruce Swan Productions 2019
Davy Knowles | Amber’s Song | Best of the Bootlegs 2017
Black 47 | The Big Fellah | Home Of The Brave
Outro - The Allman Brothers, “Jessica” Brothers & Sisters – (1973)

Show: Music My Mother Would Not Like

Theme Music - Hawaii 5-0, The Ventures. Welcome Radio FTC - Introduction to new feature on Music My Mother Would Not Like. Open discussion about upcoming events at Stage One, Klein Auditorium, and Norwalk Symphony Hall.

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