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Love & Communication

Original Aired:
Friday, August 17th, 2018
10:00PM to 2:00AM

4 hours

Friday, August 17th, 2018 10:00PM

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Episode: Michelle Morgan -- Love and Communication

1. love and communication cat power the greatest
2. runnin' out of fools-remastered aretha franklin runnin' out of fools
3. vitamin C nicole atkins vitamin C - single
4. nameless, faceless courtney barnett
5. fireproof The National Trouble will find me
6. the fox in motion hop along bark your head off
7. no man is big enough for my arms ibeyi ash
8. pleasure suck I the spirit of the beehive pleasure suck

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9. neon bible arcade fire neon bible
10. date night Gat god's favorite customer
11. trip vactioner gone
12. torture spooky mansion alright
13. born to bond feist 7-inches for planned parenthood
14. happy together slothrust show me how you want it to be
15. halls of sarah neko case Hell-on
16. Curse of the i-5 corridor neko case hell-on

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17. low the ophelias creature Native
18. cloud corner marisa anderson cloud corner
19. headless horseman the microphones the Glow, Pt. 2
20. Mr. Tillman Father John Misty god's favorite customer
21. flatland tunng flatland
22. dylan thomas/bitter bitter the duke of norfolk dylan thomas/bitter bitter
23. candy says the velvet underground the velvet underground
24. HBW Fenster HBW-single

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25. mechanical bull stella donnelly thrush metal
26. darlin' jackie cohen tacoma night terror
27. drown marika hackman drown
28. temporary tattoo remember sports slow buzz
29. cupid the big moon love in the 4th dimension
30. dark window mass gothic dark window
31. you're dreaming wolf parade cry cry cry
32. should I little dragon season high

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33. exorcism lala lala sleepyhead
34. prior things hop along bark your head off
35. survived EERA reflection of youth
36. fog the ophelias almost
37. e-bow the letter REM New Adventures
38. wolf among wolves bonnie prince billy master and everyone
39. you make no sense esg come away with esg

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40. good Friday-boards of canada remix WHY? good Friday
41. midsummer katie von schleicher shitty hits
42. please read the letter robert plant and allison krauss raising sand
43. someone great LCD Soundsystem sound of silver
44. feelin' alright joe cocker with a little help from my friends
45. calendar the fall levitate

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46. why Didn't you stop me mitski be the cowboy
47. like a child hiding behind your tombstone slothrust everyone else
48. shallow water wild nothing shallow water
49. cradle adrianne lenker cradle
50. more of the same caroline rose loner
51. taste forth wanderers forth wanderers
52. how we quit the forest rasputina how we quit the forest
53. a poet's tune y la bamba oh February

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54. praise your name angels of light new mother
55. say it ain't so weezer weezer
56. jolene radical face covers, Vol 1.
57. hey jupiter tori amos boys for pele
58. inner lover land of talk life after youth
59. chick habit april march paris in april

Show: Love & Communication

Primarily Indie/Alternative/Americana/Dream-Pop/Folk-Pop/Folk/Punk/Post-Punk and Queer/POC/Women singers and musicians, but you'll never know for sure what I'll throw in the mix.

The name of my show comes from Cat Power


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