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A Miniature World with Binnie Klein

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Thursday, February 6th, 2020
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Thursday, February 6th, 2020 10:07AM

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Episode: Binnie Klein - A Miniature World February 6, 2020 Wheels Off the Wagon

 The wheels are off the wagon (see my poem below). Meanwhile music is a trustworthy story: First Aid Kit, Skinshape (feat. Anina), Sarah Polley, Mitski, Tartie (check YaleClimateConnections.org on Monday for my Q&A with this Australian singer-songwriter about her firesong "Ablaze."), Cat Power, Lily Winwood, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Ben Howard, William Brittelle, Malka Spigel, Githead, Jefferson Airplane, Mazzy Star, Sun Kil Moon, TV on the Radio, Wire, Vienna Teng, Songs Ohia, Chairlift, Underworld, Snail Mail.  Back with you in two weeks! Peace.

What is travel like when

the wheels are off the wagon?

Do they come off slowly, one at a time,

the wagon rocking back and forth and

the travelers hanging on

or all at once, flying out like in a cartoon?

does the wagon finally eject the riders?

before it sinks firmly and finally

into the ground?

Are we walking along beside the wagon now

are we attempting to carry it...like a coffin?

We won't be traveling far for a while

we'll have to learn new skills

healer, blacksmith, tailor, teacher

we won't be waiting for a wagon-maker

we're going to have to learn that skill ourselves...

  Meanwhile we trudge along beside the sunken wagon...


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