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Tag: 06.12.23: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses How to reduce rising US-China tensions; Debt ceiling deal cruelly cuts social program, rewards the rich; GOP threatens violence after Trump's federal indictment; Debt ceiling deal guts climate regulation
Tag: 05.22.23: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses: Can Chinese Diplomacy Help End Russia-Ukraine War; The Threat of AI & Need for Regulation; DOJ Ignores Trump Scheme to Steal Election Software; Historic Boat Sails Again to Demand Nuclear Abolition
Tag: 05.15.23: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses The GOP's fascist agenda a threat to US democracy; Biden should invoke the 14th Amendment to neutralize GOP's debt ceiling threat; US hypocrisy generates ill will in Global South; Haiti's ongoing crisis
Tag: 03.20.23: Counterpoint host Scott Harris Discusses Bank Failures & the Need to Toughen Regulation; Biden Breaks Pledge Not to Permit New Oil Drilling on Federal Lands; Echoes of US Iraq Invasion in Russia's Ukraine War; Climate Activists Target US Banks
Tag: 02.27.23: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses Russia's Suspension of Nuclear Arms Treaty; Protests Call for Diplomacy to End Ukraine War; Toxic Railroad Derailments Demands Govt Regulation; CT Bill provides Healthcare for Undocumented Immigrants
Tag: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses why Democrats in 2022 election should warn about dangerous extremists; Jan. 6th investigation progress; Lessons from history indigenous women controlled their own bodies; Finding a way to end the Ukraine War
Tag: 02.07.22: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the crisis in Ukraine & danger of a new Cold War; GOP officially endorses political violence; Biden pressured to honor campaign pledge on student debt; CT group advocates policies on climate & jobs
Tag: 01.31.22: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses Pres. Biden's pledge to nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court; Dangerous increase in rhetoric in Ukraine crisis risks conflict; California debates single payer healthcare; CT climate march 2/8/22
Tag: 03.29.21: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses immigration and the 'Border Industrial Complex;' Biden adm hardline policies toward Russia and China; GOP voter suppression in Georgia & across the US & Grassroots vaccination campaign in Fairhaven, CT