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Tag: 07.15.24: Counterpoint host Scott Harris on GOP attempts to use failed assassination to shut down criticism of Trump; Left victory in French elections offers lessons to US; Poll finds Americans reject Project 2025; Voters of Tomorrow target youth vote
Tag: 06.24.24 Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses France's New Popular Front unites to fight Fascism; Diplomacy could help end Ukraine War; Climate Protests Target Banks financing fossil fuels; Active duty US soldiers appeal for redress over Gaza War
Tag: 04.10.23: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses Protests in France challenge increase in Retirement Age; Wave of mass shootings provokes protest; Article V convention threatens civil liberties; New tactics needed to defeat GOP authoritarianism
Tag: 02.07.22: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the crisis in Ukraine & danger of a new Cold War; GOP officially endorses political violence; Biden pressured to honor campaign pledge on student debt; CT group advocates policies on climate & jobs
Tag: 09.20.21: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses Trump's post-Jan 6th nuclear war threat; Biden creates military alliance to counter China; Occupy Wall Street Lessons Learned 10 Years Later & CT Working Families Bridgeport City Council candidates win
Tag: Live Culture Episode 28: Summer Tastes, Summer Sounds
Tag: 05.08.17: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the dark repercussions of the GOP healthcare bill; Economic issues in the French election; Trump signs "religious liberty" executive order; CT Roundtable on Climate and Jobs campaign update
Tag: 04.24.17: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses Trump Justice Dept. plans to indict WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange; Progressive Democrats mobilize to win special elections; Results of the French election & a speech by BDS founder Omar Barghouti
Tag: 04.18.16: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the ACLU's lawsuit to get U.S. torture documents; the Next System's nationwide teach-ins; Puerto Rico's debt crisis & the new French "Staying Up All Night" anti-austerity movement
Tag: Radio Base Camp- Singer/Songwriters from late 60's + early 70's