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Tag: 10.07.19: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the widening Trump impeachment inquiry; Bernie Sander's heart attack & double standards for protecting whistleblowers; Former Brazilian President Lula's corrupt prosecutors; Alabama lawsuit on Census
Tag: 04.22.19: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the debate on impeaching Donald Trump; White House executive orders easing regulations on fossil fuel pipelines; Report on asylum-seekers at the US- Mexico Border; Climate Change event in Bridgeport, CT
Tag: 01.07.19: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses Trump's border wall & govt. shutdown; House Dems' new H.R.1 voting rights/ethics bill; Net Neutrality update & Bernie Sanders' delegates network reactivated
Tag: 11.26.18: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the new Democratic Congress & Medicare4All; General Motors' Layoff Announcement; US tear gasses immigrants at Mexico border; List of 15 articles of impeachment for Trump
Tag: 11.05.18: Counterpoint Scott Harris discusses prospects for progressives in the 2018 midterm election; Immigrants stepping up to run for office; If Democrats win the House subpoena power can reclaim the mantle of populism; Trump demonizes immigrants
Tag: 04.02.18: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses Trump administration efforts to privatize the VA; Inclusion of a controversial citizenship question in the 2020 Census; Assessing Trump's trade policies & NAFTA negotiations & CT energy policies
Tag: 03.06.17: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the links between Trump and Russia; Concern re: the demonization of Putin & Russia and where it may lead; Trump's 2nd Travel Ban executive order & The campaign to declare Bridgeport, CT a Sanctuary City
Tag: 10.19.15: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the Trans Pacific Partnership free trade treaty; Corporate tax avoidance; Israeli/Palestinian Combatants for Peace; Emloyment practices lawsuit against the Disney corporation
Tag: GM REPORT TO THE LISTENERS: Pt. One-Burroughs Community Center with Edie Cassidy and Cynthia Davis- 'Our Woven Community'