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Tag: 09.14.20: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the coalition formed to protect the election results; Refugees created by US Post-9/11 wars; Warnings to progressives of a 2nd Trump election victory; Normalization of Israel, UAE, Bahrain relations
Tag: 07.22.19: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses Never Again Action protests to close Trump's inhumane refugee camps; Trump's racist comments attacking "The Squad"; Trump admin deregulation of polluting industries & Medicare4All CT forum 8-17-19
Tag: 07.08.19: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the humanitarian crisis on the US-Mexico border; Corporate lobbyists hired to stop Medicare4All; US missing opportunity to protect 2020 election & Shinnecock nation battles NY town for tribal sovereignty
Tag: Guest hosts Melinda Tuhus & Richard Hill discuss a public health care option for CT; the growing evidence of natural gas fracking health impacts; Trump Iran crisis moves US closer to war & Trump detention of children shameless violation of human rights
Tag: 07.03.17: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses rising tensions between the US and N. Korea; Trump nominates a lawyer who justified torture; the struggle to preserve a free and open Internet & SCOTUS ruling upends CT refugee settlement agency
Tag: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the GOP Healthcare Failure; Progressives campaign to block Gorsuch SCOTUS nomination; Over 10,000 Women sign-up to run for public office; Palestinian Dance-Rap Groups Tours US and CT
Tag: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses Pres. Obama's historic trip to Cuba; Aftermath of the Brussels terrorist attacks; Democracy Spring Wash. DC protest & Saudi intervention in Yemen's brutal civil war
Tag: WPKN GM Report November: Claudia Connor, CEO of IICONN (International Istitute of Connecticut Inc.)