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Joseph Celli: My Other Music (MOM)

Original Aired:
Thursday, February 11th, 2016
2:00AM to 5:55AM

3 hours, 55 minutes

Thursday, February 11th, 2016 2:01AM

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Episode: Joseph Celli -- Soundprint: Asia

 Soundprint: Asia, Joseph Celli, Host/Producer
 February 11, 2016

1. Samul Nori Durae Pae Samulnori (Korea)
   #2. 3:41 (Korean language), SKC, Ltd.

2. Mongolia Traditional Music
   #17. Sunzhidmaa, 1:27
   #18. Saddle Flaps, 1:42
   #19.These Chimmering Blue Mountains, 1:42
   #20. My Darling, 1:54, Smithsonian Folkways Records

3. Gagaku (Japan)
   #1 -9. Hyomo no-Netori, 66:30, Nippon Columbia Records

4. Tibet: The Heart of Dharma
   #5. Tsedrup, 17:53, Ellipsis Arts

5. Woodwind Instruments – Music for Thai Boxing
   #1. Paying Respect to Teacher, 24:17, Music Sound LP Co.

6. Java Sundanese Folk Music
   #1. Angklung Buhun, 5:49, Smithsonian Folkways Records

7. Azerbaijian Mugam
   #1. Mugan Bayat-Isfahan, 5:30, Smithsonian Folkways Records

8. Cambodia: Folk & Ceremonial Music
   #7. Pheng khlang khak, 5:51, Smthsonian Folkways Records

9. Hunting Eagles Catching Swans
   #3. Dragon Boat, 5:25, International Friendship Through the Arts

10. Korean Traditional Music Vol 1
   #3. Haeryong, 6:00, SKC Records

Show: Joseph Celli: My Other Music (MOM)

 Host Joseph Celli presents a program of music from Japan/Okinawa, Korea, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Tibet, Mongolia & elsewhere in Asia. Included with the traditional court, folk & religious music are occasional interviews with Asian musicians, World Premieres, and historical context about the music, musicians & instruments.

Celli said, “Unfortunately, we tend to think of Asia as being homogeneous but it actually has more musical diversity and individuality than most places in the world.” Programs range from the overtone singing of Tuva to the ecstatic Gamelan of Indonesia, and the elegant court music of Korea, Japan & Cambodia. Information about upcoming concerts of Asian music, exhibitions & an occasional undiscovered spicy restaurant are all part of the fun.

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