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Original Aired:
Thursday, June 1st, 2017
4:00PM to 6:55PM

2 hours, 55 minutes

Thursday, June 1st, 2017 4:00PM

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Episode: Dave Hogan Radio

1.Dreams - Allman Brothers Band 2.Down In Texas - The Hourglass 3.Stand Back - ABB 4.Been Gone Too Long - Hourglass 5.Melissa - ABB 6.Come And Go Blues - ABB 7.Don't Keep Me Wonderin' - ABB 8.Burden In My Hand 9.Mind Riot - Soundgarden 10.We Got The Whip - Audioslave 11.Seasons - Chris Cornell 12.Call Me A Dog - Temple Of The Dog 13.Fresh Tendrils 14. The Day I Tried To Live - Soundgarden 15.Say Hello To Heaven - Temple Of The Dog 16.That's All You Need 17.Ooh La La - Faces 18.Take Me Back (Let Me Go) - Dan Carlucci 19.Decoration Day - Drive By Truckers 20.Outside Woman Blues - Cream 21.Coming Into Los Angeles - Arlo Guthrie 22.Going Up North - Anders Parker 23.New Speedway Boogie - Grateful Dead 24.Horizontal - Alejandro Escovedo 25.It Happens Each Day - The Byrds 26.If It Ever Stops Raining - Black Crowes 27.I'm The Slime - Frank Zappa 28.Then Came The Last Days Of May - Blue Oyster Cult 29.Resolutions - Shawn Taylor 30.Don't Bother Me (I'm Rockin') - Gene Casey 31.Speed Trap - Eugene Chrysler 32.Your Body Betrays You - Jason P Krug 33.Promise The World - Son Volt 34.Walkin' With A Mountain - Mott The Hoople 35.Hot Jelly Roll Blues - Hot Tuna 36.Let's Go Trippin' - Dick Dale 37.Anywhere You Want To Go - Santana

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