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Radio Something with Valerie Richardson

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Tuesday, January 1st, 2019
4:00PM to 6:55PM

2 hours, 55 minutes

Tuesday, January 1st, 2019 4:01PM

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Episode: Ringing in the New Year with Chris Chew

I had a fun afternoon trading musical selections with Chris Chew, a friend and colleague from the Yale Art Gallery.


04:02PM (3:00) Wanlov The Kubolor “Coalpot Fan” from Orange Card: Fruitopian Raps (2017) on Pidgen Music

04:05PM (3:00) Y La Bamba “Mujeres” from Mujeres [Single]

04:08PM Set break


04:12PM (5:45) The Roches “Hammond Song” from The Roches on Warner Bros.

04:17PM (3:00) GL “It Could Be You” from It Could Be You

04:20PM (3:00) Honey Cutt “Bite my Tongue” from Bite my Tongue

04:24PM Set break


04:27PM (2:58) Lys Guillorn & Her Band “Tinctoria” from Tinctoria - Single on Little Cowgirl Records

04:29PM (6:00) Karine Polwart, Steven Polwart & Inge Thomson “Laws of Motion” from Laws of Motion (2018) on Hudson Records

04:35PM Set break


04:40PM (4:42) Anjimile “Wanted by the Law” from Human Nature on MondoTunes

04:44PM (3:00) Wendy & Bonnie “You Keep Hanging Up On My Mind” from Genesis (Deluxe Edition) (1969) on Sundazed Music, Inc.

04:47PM (3:06) Laure Briard “Ca va aller” from Revelation on 2000 records

04:49PM Set break


04:54PM (3:00) Angelique Kidjo “Listening Wind” from Remain in Light (2018) on Kravenworks

04:57PM (3:27) Delgres “Vivre Sur La Route” from Mo Jodi (2018) on Jazz Village

05:04PM Set break


05:08PM (3:00) Chef the Chef “Situationzzz (feat. DJ Fife)” from Demonzzz (2017) on The Quest Presents...

05:11PM (2:24) Palehound “Pet Carrot” from Bent Nail - EP on Exploding In Sound Records

05:13PM (3:00) IU “Can't Love You Anymore (with OHHYUK)” from Can't Love You Anymore (with OHHYUK) - Single (2017) on ??????????(Fave Entertainment)

05:15PM Set break


05:16PM (3:58) Fantastic Negrito “Bad Guy Necessity” from Please Don't Be Dead (2018) on Cooking Vinyl

05:19PM Set break


05:26PM (4:12) White Denim “Handwriting” from Takes Place in Your Work Space - EP on Downtown Records - Catalog

05:30PM (4:09) Leon Bridges “Georgia to Texas” from good thing (2018) on Columbia

05:34PM (2:03) The Caravelles “Don't Blow Your Cool” from You Don't Have to Be a Baby to Cry on Master Classics Records

05:36PM Set break


05:40PM (3:00) Gurls “Worried About Ya” from run boy, run (feat. Ellen Andrea Wang, Hanna Paulsberg & Rohey Taalah) (2017) on Grappa Musikkforlag

05:42PM Set break


05:46PM (3:00) Lexie “It's Nothing” from Record Time! (2017) on Skeleton Realm Records

05:49PM (2:48) Oompa “I Deserve That (feat. Cliff Notez)” from November 3rd on Oompa

05:51PM (3:11) Sidney Gish “New Recording 180 (New Year's Eve)” from No Dogs Allowed on Sidney Gish

05:54PM Set break


06:03PM (4:49) Gruff Rhys “Selfies in the Sunset” from Babelsberg (2018) on Rough Trade

06:07PM (2:25) Norma Waterson & Eliza Carthy “The Galaxy Song” from Anchor on Topic Records

06:10PM (3:00) Melissa Laveux “Or Ma Monte Chwai Mwen” from Radyo Siwei

06:13PM (3:16) Ry Cooder “Gentrification” from The Prodigal Son (2018) on Fantasy / Caroline / Hostess

06:16PM (3:00) John Prine “When I Get to Heaven” from The Tree of Forgiveness (2018) on Oh Boy

06:18PM Set break

06:24PM (4:01) Leo Sidran “Monkey see Monkey Do” from Cool School [The Music of Michael Franks] on P-VINE RECORDS

06:28PM (3:00) Underworld & Iggy Pop “Bells & Circles” from Teatime Dub Encounter

06:31PM (4:00) Young Fathers “wow” from Cocoa Sugar on Ninja Tune

06:34PM Set break

06:35PM (4:13) Susheela Raman “Tanpa Nama (feat. Samuel Mills & Gondrong Gunarto)” from Ghost Gamelan (feat. Samuel Mills & Gondrong Gunarto) (2018) on Susheela Ramen/Naïve

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