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Tag: 06.06.22: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses Stopping disinformation ahead of 2022 midterm election, UnFoxMyCableBox campaign targets Fox News toxic rhetoric, Questioning why Fed attacks wages to stop inflation; Tracking pipelines & US oil wars
Tag: 10.04.21: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses Congressional showdown over infrastructure bills; DeJoy slow down of U.S. mail; Exposed CIA plot to kidnap or kill Julian Assange; Fox News' Tucker Carlson parrots racist 'replacement theory'
Tag: 07.26.21: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses politically driven COVID disinformation; Colombian soldiers arrest in Haitian president's assassination; SCOTUS ruling kills Voting Rights Act & Texas activists mobilize to stop voter suppression
Tag: 07.20.20: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses: Secret federal police in Portland; Extreme right groups look for opportunities in COVID-19 crisis; Trump gutting NEPA environmental law; Fox News continues to promote deadly coronavirus disinformation
Tag: 10.29.18: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the rise of hate crimes in the age of Trump; Trump plan to pull out of the INF nuclear weapons treaty with Russia; Brazil's new extreme right president & Working Families Party midterm election GOTV
Tag: 12.28.15: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses a new study that links Fox News with racist attitudes; Spanish election results; An organization that records hate crimes across the U.S. & the New Haven-based group Promoting Enduring Peace