WPKN Archives: Del 'in Transition' : On the phone with Sister Kate Taylor

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Del 'in Transition'

Original Aired:
Friday, April 14th, 2023
8:12AM to 8:38AM

26 minutes

Monday, April 17th, 2023 3:12PM



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Episode: Del 'in Transition' : On the phone with Sister Kate Taylor

 Kate Taylor is a storied Folk. Gospel, Soul Sista fr Martha's Vineyard, Ma. She has recordings going back to her early days in LA and releases to match fr '71 prod by Peter Asher and backed by the Wrecking Crew's legendary studio band outta LA., now supporting her her latest record Why Wait?, coming to the Packing house on the 22nd in Willington Ct . Kate seems to be picking up where she left off, after raising two kids. A very lively chat filled with enthusiasm on both of our sides since, she knows everybody in the business, and I know everybody she speaks of quite well. The backing back now known as the Immediate Family this time around. 

Show: Del 'in Transition'

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