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Tag: 09.25.23: Mike Merli (fill-in for Counterpoint with Scott Harris) discusses Global Fossil Fuel Addiction Feeding the Ukraine War; Campaign to End Wrongful Convictions in CT; Protests Greet Netanyahu as he visits the U.S.
Tag: 09.19.22: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the threat to democracy in the Supreme Court Moore v. Harper case; Wall St. is funding the GOP's culture war; 17 states criminalize fossil fuel protests; Climate activists protest Manchin-Senate deal
Tag: 02.07.22: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the crisis in Ukraine & danger of a new Cold War; GOP officially endorses political violence; Biden pressured to honor campaign pledge on student debt; CT group advocates policies on climate & jobs
Tag: 10.05.20 Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the threat of white supremacist violence in the 2020 election; the deepening US economic crisis; Supreme Court confirmation battle & New WPKN programs
Tag: 07.20.20: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses: Secret federal police in Portland; Extreme right groups look for opportunities in COVID-19 crisis; Trump gutting NEPA environmental law; Fox News continues to promote deadly coronavirus disinformation
Tag: Guest hosts Melinda Tuhus & Richard Hill discuss a public health care option for CT; the growing evidence of natural gas fracking health impacts; Trump Iran crisis moves US closer to war & Trump detention of children shameless violation of human rights
Tag: Mic Check -- Jan. 13, 2019
Tag: 10.08.18: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the defeat of groups opposed to Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination; Assessing Trump's renegotiated NAFTA treaty; Fight For 15 stages strikes, protests in 7 states; UCONN's Alternative Press Collection
Tag: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses Trump's NAFTA negotiations with Mexico & Canada; The state of the US labor movement 2018; SCOTUS nominee Kavanaugh disregards International law; U.S. Wealth Inequality; Rise for Climate Jobs & Justice actions in CT
Tag: 07.09.18: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses Trump's Supreme Court nominee; Grassroots push to reform the Democratic Party; Trump EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's resignation; Medicare For All Town Hall meeting in CT
Tag: 06.09.18: Resistance Round Table co-hosts Scott Harris and Melinda Tuhus discuss youth activism with Sam Rosenberg, a sixth grade student at New Haven CT's Cold Spring School & Ben Martin an activist with the group 350 CT
Tag: Organic Farm Stand -- May 3, 2018
Tag: 04.02.18: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses Trump administration efforts to privatize the VA; Inclusion of a controversial citizenship question in the 2020 Census; Assessing Trump's trade policies & NAFTA negotiations & CT energy policies
Tag: Mic Check -- March 4, 2018
Tag: Organic Farm Stand -- Feb. 1, 2018
Tag: Mic Check -- Jan. 14, 2017
Tag: 08.28.17: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses Trump's Afghan war policy; Renegotiating NAFTA with Canada & Mexico; Texas floods, severe weather & climate change & New Haven Wells Fargo divestment campaign
Tag: 02.27.17: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the results of the DNC chair election; Trump/Pruitt aim to dismantle EPA; Our Revolution's mission and game plan & CCAG 2017 Legislative Agenda
Tag: 12.19.16: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses charges Russia hacked the US Presidential election; Trump's nomination of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General; Trump's "oilgarchy" nominations re: environment & climate & New Haven 12-21-16 antiracist vigil
Tag: WPKN's Election night coverage
Tag: 06.13.16: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the Bernie Sanders campaign offshoot, Brand New Congress; #WeThePeople campaign finance reform bills; New labor coalition on climate change & Ethics concern re: Cigna-Anthem insurance co. merger
Tag: 04.04.16: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses the successes of the Fight For $15 movement; Brazilian corruption crisis or opposition party coup?; Climate Change & Geo-Engineering; CT budget crisis and threat of massive state-employee layoffs
Tag: "Why can't I lose weight?" Explorations of toxicity
Tag: Interview with Sharon Lewis, exec. dir. of the CT Coalition for Environmental Justice
Tag: 11.09.15: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses details of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement; U.S. troops in Syria; Fight for $15 national day of action; Climate fast; Un-Koch My Campus national campaign
Tag: 09.28.15: Counterpoint host Scott Harris discusses Pope Francis' messages during his recent visit to the U.S. on nuclear disarmament; climate change and economic inequality & a proposal to form a heroine users union in Connecticut